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ssugg's - Boogie Wondaland - House


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Here's a little dose of boogie ooogie ooogie. Don't miss my homeboys The Goons this weekend at KCP.

Enjoy the tunes!!


...and now for your track list...

1. 07-01-12- ssugg
2. More Than You Know- David Glass
3. Neeed Me- Dave Kurtis, Daniel Harrison
4. Lookin For You- Homero Espinosa
5. Higher 'N' Higher- Peter Brown
6. I Don’t Care- Hot Mouth
7. Chicken Fight- DiscoDen
8. Get Together- Alex Herrera
9. Vibeyback- De La Rock
10. Guru- Fioretti Bros
11. The Race- Sacchi & Durante
12. Honey Love- WhiteNoize
13. You are my high- Kevin Prise
14. Que Pasa-!- Reza
15. Never Gonna Give You Up- Wise D and Kobe
16. Party People- Veiga
17. Do It Right- Miss Kay Dee
18. Hmmm- Strictly Chosen
19. Freak Out- Whitenoize
20. Wonderland- Kevin Prise
21. Bad- Miguel Picasso
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