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ssugg - Summer Drive - House Mix


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A bunch of good tunes for when you drive this summer, great for the long traffic jams (@ just about any hour of the day) north bound DVP .., long line ups @ the Gardener - Spadina exit..., or even if your stuck in a flood over @ Pottery Rd.





I Like 2 Party - Samir Maslo Vs. Oliver Cheatham
Whip It - Diaz
Subway - Right To Life
Different Folks - J Paul Ghetto
Deep Three - Grant Boden
We live Forever - Block& crown
The Stomp - Norty Cotto
Zona Vacancy - Mickael Davis
Enjoy - Wild Dee
Si Si, Yo Yo - El Rojo Alma
Life - Soneec
Spread Love - Alex Kenji
Be There - Juan Diaz
People Need Sunshine - Soul Avengerz
Keep On - Mr. Rich
Buggin Out With A 40oz - Whiskey Dicks
Happyness - Lady Lago
How we do - Rescue
Rock &Ro - Ruben Zurita

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