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ssugg - Basement Jams1 - House


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If you missed the Halfway House radio show last night on 100.3 soundfm.ca.... Here's the set enjoy!! :)

Dont miss the HH crew featuring Mike Gleeson sept 27th @ Bunda Lounge





Basement Jams1 TL

WTS - Luca Lento
I Feel It - Tony Cox
Chrysalis - Gallo Alaia
Sexy Dancer - Sonic Future
Dibiza - Danny Tenaglia
One Extra - Fidel Castro
Back2DiskoBreak - Luca Lento
Finally - Criminal Vibes
Jack - Mike Newman
Assoluta - Blaqwell
Calabria - Criminal Vibes
Repicando - Mijail
Forth Knox - Josh Love
Carbon - Platinum Monkey
Rollin - Argento
She Just - KPD
Wap Bam - Belocca
Do It To The Music - Raw Silk
Guns of Fire - Dj Chus