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Hibernating squirrels show Alzheimer's symptoms

Hibernating squirrels show similar symptoms to Alzheimer's disease sufferers, according to German neuro-scientists.

Experts from the University of Leipzig say protein changes in the brains of hibernating squirrels resemble the "virtual shut-down" of the human brain as a result of Alzheimer's.

However, unlike Alzheimer's sufferers, the changes to the rodents' brains are reversed within a few days of awaking from their winter sleep.

Scientist Thomas Arendt, who believes a functional dynamic change in the brain is responsible for Alzheimer's, said he wanted look at other creatures to find out if similar processes occurred.

"The small rodent from the Mediterranean region was the most appropriate subject to study," said Arendt.

Arendt said the purpose of the tests on the European ground squirrels was to determine if the reduction in their vital functions also led to a reduction in brain activity.

However, Arendt found that after the squirrels had woken up it only took a few days before the changes in the brain were able to reverse themselves.

"This throws a completely new light on the changes by Alzheimer patients," said Arendt.

"Up to now it was believed that the Alzheimer disease involved a process that damaged the brain and that had to be fought against."
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this is great news! im sure many of us have known a loved one who suffered from this terrible disease.
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