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Squarepusher @ Danforth Music Hall - Nov 2, 2012


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So I saw the squarepusher's ufabalum show last night and I must say Mr. Jenkinson delivered an amazing show! The venue's sound isn't the greatest and it reverberates through the big hall, as well as the brightness of the visuals were a bit much if you were close to the stage, and the show only went until about 1145 or so if I remember correctly... but that's about it for the cons...

I really enjoyed the performance though and he's a real treat to watch on stage.

His set was broken up into two main pieces... the first was him doing the album front to back in order, tweaking each track as he went along. After this there was about a three minute break where everyone was screaming for more, and he brought out the bass guitar and basically went to town on some new tracks. Definitely an amazing show!!

Note: I got there at 1030pm so I missed the entire set of the opening act.
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