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spy technologies lp

Jazzy Jeff

TRIBE Member
so i'm stuck now in a place with no record stores (winnipeg) so i've gotta order this bad boy online...BUT the only online record store I know of that's not in the uk or the netherlands or some crapp is satelliterecords.com...but they're out of stock!@ those sluts! so does anyone know any place in north america i can order this thing from?

also does anyone know when concord dawn - take me away, and kemal +someotherdude - fucking hostile come out?
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take me away was on the anything and everything ep out on commercial suicide (it came out in august), and i heard fucking hostile may never come out. kemal's let it moves you sounds similar.

on another note ... i can't seem to listen to tracks off satelliterecords anymore. does anyone have an idea why?
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Originally posted by suburban sound system

ive ordered online from pretty much every shop.

dont waste your time anywhere else.

red eye records is good too

Jazzy Jeff

TRIBE Member
shit! just ordered it from breakbeat cause easternbloc didn't have it...$25 US shipping though! i had to make the order big just to make it worth my while...but anyways, thanks for the info