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Spring is just around the corner!


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Another one of those stupid threads?

It's winter... it's going to be winter for another couple of months.
Deal with it.
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it smells like spring i know!!!!!!!!!

but it's supposed to get soo cold on sat! *cries*


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You see? It's all about the smell!

The forecast may say that Sat. will be cold, but that can change drastically over the course of a day.

I predict that we'll be in spring by mid March.
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stop it, it's not fair to tease...

* I wish*

there's a huge heap of ice out front of my house and I don't think the Uhaul will make it

Hawk Eye

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Originally posted by Mr_Furious
....but what about the Groundhog?!

I'm serious! I can sense it!
He saw his shadow, so there is 6 weeks more of winter.

That was last week though, so there is 5 weeks to be technical.


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I don't smell spring but to battle the cold, I eat some meat to keep me warm. :D
I will personally be on the receiving end of a facial for anyone who gets this.

Really, it's a win-win situation.
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spring kicks ass... all the ladies come out from where they were hiding... i'll get all excited with the first arm i see...


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i loooove spring.

i used to be a fall kinda girl, and i still do love it, but now that i am kinda an old lady my bones just *ACHE* for spring...
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Originally posted by Mr_Furious
Don't poison my seemingly innocent thread with your filth!

Get outta here Filthy McFiltherson!
Excuse me but springtime is for lovers.


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Originally posted by OTIS
I can't wait to bike again.
I just said that to my coworker.

I cannot wait to get a new bike and bike downtown. I can only dream of that wind hitting my face right now like a facial.


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I agree with Will and Cri.

I can smell it too, but the damn windchill keeps reminding me that there's at least a month to go.

So close, but so far :(

Doesn't Future's patio have heaters in the winter? I'll go and drink with my winter jacket on.


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Originally posted by junglegirl
I had that sense the other day too - like its a different smell outside - I can't wait for spring
Last night I had dream... that I was on my knees on the ground smelling purple crocuses!

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