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Sporting News Hockey Pool invite

Aerius Zension

TRIBE Member
Just thought I'd throw this invite out to people in this forum. I'm running a hockey pool on the Sporting News site. Season 2 starts tomorrow and runs right into the playoffs.

Unlike the Yahoo Pool, this is a salary cap pool where you have $30 million to sign 1C, 2 Wingers, 2 D, 1 G, and 1 extra attacker. You earn points by performance AND players worth goes up/down thru the season (buy low/sell high). Your objective is to get as many points possible, with a secondary objective to make more money. You get 2 free trades per week (you can buy more if you wish).

If you think you'd like to join, act fast as deadline is tomorrow. Send me an email to batcave13@excite.com

ps, please note this is a free hockey pool. 1st place gets you gloating rights.

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