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SPOOKY 6 Oct 27 Vancouver.


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Saturday night held Vancouver's equivalent to last years Freakin in T.O. Spooky 6 was held at the Colosseum at the PNE ( a building a little smaller then the B.L.C. at the CNE back in TO). My roommate, her friend the driver and I arrive to a typically cold rainy night seeing a very very long line... But thanks to the kindness of Azim I got to get straight in (Thanks again) The searches on the Door were quite through but efficient.
Once inside this huge building I checked out the set up of the 3 stages. There were 2 side rooms 1 for house another for Breaks and Jungle, and one Massive main room with/ a really good lighting set up, raised stage and lots of visuals. A very well organized set up with minimal sound bleeding. The only thing that I have to criticize was that the smoking area was a bit of a hike from the Breaks/jungle room to which I called home for the night, But That is a very minor set back.
The night started out with DJ Krusha who dropped a really good jungle set to open up the night, dark and nasty just what was needed for this event. The only bad thing was that not too many people were in the room to witness it. Next up was a Florida breakz set from GTM. This set was ok I need a little more funk for my rump but the mixing was solid. After GTM was Dabbler vs. Manos One with MC Verbal Assassin. This set got everyone in the room moving. the mixing was impeccable But the track selection was a little tiring since the first few tracks in their set had just been spun an hour or so ago by Krusha. The MC actually showed some talent. Lately I've lost a lot of faith in MC's but Verbal Assasin kept a fast pace but was audible. Big ups to that. Also A minimal about of the " junglist bark" was heard, which is always a good thing!
Matty, who is a Vancouver favorite, Opened up his set with/ more tracks that had now been played twice in the last 3.5 hours this made me question whether he was just playing a routine set or had just not been listening to the previous sets during the night. So I left to check out the other rooms and take a few pics and came back a little while later. It appeared Matty had got some creativity and was dropping an absolutely amazing last half of a set! It was just what I needed!
Now on the the Headliners. Debbie D a beautiful DJ from Orlando Florida. Her set started in typical Florida breaks fashion. and was good for a bout the first half. the second half she brought out her bag of funk! throwing down ACDC samples and the theme from Beverly Hills Cop!!! This was the Track of the Night no question everyone in the place was going insane and the energy and vibe through out the crowd was so good it was like 1 big unified movement of breakz bitches.
After Debbie D's set I got to talk w/ her a bit and got to find out some info about her since I'd never seen her spin or heard any of her releases. For those who don't know Debbie D 's been spinning for 11 years and Vancouver's the farthest shes travelled. She's influenced by Roni Size, DJ X (from FL not Willar sorry man), Brad Smith Sharaz and DJ Dan. If any of you in TO have a chance to see her GO! She's worth it.
The other headliners for the night were Dave London who spun an decent set nothing special from what I heard. Signum who was Amazing as my roommate stated. 12 inch thumpers who's set started off a little boring and blah but then dropped a few good tracks and get the place pumping. Lastly Miss Behavin Dropped a really good set playing lots of tidy trax tunes and getting the thousands of people who were in the main room dancing really hard.
On a closing note two people Died at this party. This stains the already suffering party community in Vancouver. The only thing that seems really off if that the promoter did everything right. there was first aid in set up in the building in a location that was very efficient, lots of security monitoring the party both security guards and police officers as mentioned above the searches at the door were through. I must just say that it is a tragedy that this had to happen at such a great party.
Over all I give it a 8.5/10
great job Twisted and Swing Kids for putting on a party of this size.
Mike Warren


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Interesting... so they had no european headliners at this party? I wonder what would happen if someone tried to pull that off here in T.O....
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hey I figure there were between 4and 6 thousand people at this party,
and there were some euro headliners...
12 inch thumpers and signum. peace

Angus Robinson

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by ninja:
Next up was a Florida breakz set from GTM. This set was ok I need a little more funk for my rump but the mixing was solid. </font>

...Are you sure? GTM hates Florida breaks! I can't imagine him spinning a florida set.

Did you catch Huey's set? ...If so, did he rock the place? Huey's the man!