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Spoof enrages Hezbollah

Ditto Much

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Spoof enrages Hezbollah
Leader mocked on Christian TV show
Shiites take to streets of Beirut bastion
Jun. 2, 2006. 01:00 AM

BEIRUT, Lebanon—Thousands of Shiite Muslims enraged by a TV comedy that mocked the leader of Hezbollah took to the streets of southern Beirut last night, burning car tires and blocking roads, police and witnesses said.

The trouble began after an actor spoofed Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, wearing the Hezbollah leader's trademark black turban and sporting a similar beard and spectacles on a show on Lebanese Broadcasting Corp., a privately owned Christian channel. Thousands of Hezbollah supporters went on the streets of southern Beirut, a Hezbollah stronghold. They carried pictures of Nasrallah and shouted their support. They blocked the road to the airport, but officials said the country's only air facility remained open.

The unrest spread to other Shiite neighbourhoods of Beirut, where rioters blocked roads and burned car tires, the officials said. Troops blocked roads in the commercial centre in downtown Beirut to stop Hezbollah supporters riding on motorcycles from reaching the area.

Pro-Nasrallah protests also erupted in southern and eastern Lebanon, predominantly Shiite parts of the country where Hezbollah enjoys wide support, TV stations said.

The protests reflected the tension between pro- and anti-Syrian camps. Pro-Syrian factions accuse the parliamentary majority of working for the U.S.

A Hezbollah broadcast said the show had "insulted the symbol of the resistance and its leader.''

Hezbollah enjoys wide support among Lebanon's Shiite community of 1.2 million people, believed to be the largest sect in this nation of 3.5 million people.

Guerrillas of Hezbollah, which the United States lists as terrorist organization, frequently clash with Israeli forces along the south Lebanese border.

The group has rejected international and domestic calls to disarm, saying weapons are needed to defend Lebanon against possible Israeli attack.


Okay the problem is clear, these people have nothing else to do and they are bored out of there skulls. either we need to start dumping opium on them or get them some PS2's or maybe a few xbox's but religion as entertainment just isn't working out.
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Ditto Much

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yeah your right they'd be better off with some of the bolivian marching powder.

Religion has been described as an opiate for the masses, I honestly believe that video games are a far better opiate. Its hard to get a kid to sit through hours of religion but you can easily get them to sit through hours of PS2 or Xbox.

Maybe we should start providing this opiate in a greater sense as a tool of keeping kids calm and rational, or at least firmly planted at home in front of an idiot box. Seriously they're protesting and rioting because of satire on the television, maybe they'd be better off with alcohol fueled soccer riots.

judge wopner

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hey has this replaced the "solgrabber is a dick" thread.
except this time its ditto,
and atp is saying hes gay.

and im concurring.
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Ditto Much

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No I think a general lack of other activities is the problem. A lack of meaningful employment, a lack of cultural diversions unrelated to religion, a lack of open air concerts and a lack of swimming pools.

If you only leave religion as an outlet bad things will happen regardless of the religion. People who work all day come home and sit with there kids beside a pool don't go screaming and yelling down the street about satire on television.

What should be an opiate (religion) in absence of other opiates (movies, television, video games, music, opium) leaves these people far to easily wound up by a small few.

Ditto Much

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Hot stuff!

I can see both her ankles! I'm surprised this kind of smut isn't band, but I'm glad that it isn't.

I wish the pick had got a bit more of her wrist though!
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