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Sponny D? NYC?

Hey Spoony D!

I am rolling into NYC this weekend and was wondering what if anything good was going on? I know about DT @ Vinyl, but may not be able to convince my friends to go with me, but I may still even go by myself for a little DT action ;).

Sorry to post this on the board guys, I just want to know what's up in NYC this weekend, and know that Spoony D posts and checks this board.




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Thierry, you lucky bitch!
You have to see Howells in New York. No where else loves him as much as they do. Have fun!

spoony d

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Howells is Saturday
Friday is Danny Tenaglia's Hat Night (best hat wins 3 months of comps). Lotsa fun stuff goin on this weekend.

and you better friggin come by the lep for my party Saturday (little pre-howells action since Vinyl has no liquor licence).


drop me a line if you have any q's or need anything