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splitting up mp3's to burn

Jazzy Jeff

TRIBE Member
So I've got this big mp3 - 84 minutes long - and i want to burn a cd out of it. The problem first of all is that the program i'm using (Roxio Easy Cd Creator 5) won't let me use the file becuase my cd is only 80 minutes long. So to even make a cd i need to chop off 4 minutes. But I'd like to break the cd into...say...20 4 minute songs. So i either need to break up the mp3 into smaller files because the cd burning program won't let me do this, or convert it into a wave or something and split it up then. Anyone know an easy way...or *any* way to do this?
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TRIBE Member
there's also a program called hjsplit that splits mp3's as well

i suggest you just use nero as your burning software though, it allows you to EASILY break up long files when burning.