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splinter productions - important notice - SEBA no show


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i don't know the protocol on this...i can't post in the roll calls thread or update my upcoming events post...so here it is, y'all.

hello tru junglist massive:

splinter productions regretfully informs you that THROUGH NO FAULT OF OUR OWN, and every fault of everyone else in the universe, seba missed his flight and is unable to make it to toronto this evening.

so, as they say in the biz, the show must go on. we are throwing a free party featuring the same local yokel lineup, and you still get a free cd at the door. but the cd has been bathed in my tears of bitterness and regret (FOR FREE!). i have also cursed the cd with my loathing for agents and US customs and flights and right now, sweden (FOR FREE!)

so, for possibly the only time, splinter productions offers you, UNLIMITED GUEST LIST TO A SPLINTER EVENT!

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sorry to hear that vox

oh well, i'm set to bust out to some jungle and that's what i'm gonna do!
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Props on trying to make it up to the crowd despite the reason for Seba not showing being pretty much beyond your control.


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aw, damn.

I'll still try to pass by. Props for being upstanding about the whole thing. I'd be pretty cheesed to show up and find out he didn't reach.
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maybe i can convince frankiegunns and c64 to spin topless, just to grease the pot a little.



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sounds like it will still be an awesome night.

and late-comers now have a fighting chance of being able to get in!
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no seba means more time for Gunns and C64 and Mutt to do what they do best.
and that is throw it down like no ones bizness...

i think im more excited now.

Props for givin everyone notice.
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