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"spit roasting"


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if you had the opportunity, would you step up to the plate?

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Hell yeah. Some greek friends of mine roasted a pig for easter.. There's nothing like peeling the meat right off of the spinning carcass.. MmmMMmm....
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A friend of mine had a pig roast a few months ago. Unfortunatly I was working at the time, but when I got to his place, there was still a good 1/4 pig left.

Walking into a kitchen, and seeing a pigs carcass sitting on the table is a sight that catches you off guard, no matter how many times you see it.
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I so want to do a TRIBE pig roast but finding a spot to do it is another thing... My butcher has even agreed to supply the pig!
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nothing is like seeing and tasting a deep-fried turkey removed from a vat of oil with a hook and a hockey stick....PF9K and Mr. Tall can attest to this....
PF9K being the most capable and the most deserving of worship in this whole ridiculous but absolutely delicious endeavour!

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oh i'd totally love to do this

we don't have to be limited to piggies (succulent suckling piglet)

we can do lamb, pheasants, turkey, duck, duckturken, mebbe a calf..oh the possibilities!


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for the record it's called "spit" roasting because the long pole that they rotate on is called a ...you guessed it... a spit

<--- worked a shitty chicken job as a kid
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