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Spincat Murder


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Police say man charged with first-degree murder in fatal 2000 Spin Cat Club shooting | CTV Toronto News

Toronto police say they have arrested a 42-year-old man who eluded capture for 14 years over his alleged role in a killing at a downtown nightclub.
Andrew Robotham, 32, died after he was shot in the head at The Spin Cat Club, at Isabella and Yonge streets, early March 4, 2000.

Police said two survivors suffered gunshot wounds to the head and a fourth victim was cut by flying glass.

Members of the police service’s fugitive squad were assisted by the gun and gang task force and intelligence division when they arrested a suspect on an outstanding warrant Saturday.

Police said Derek Wayne Brown has been charged with first-degree murder and two counts of attempted murder. He remains in custody.
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I remember both Spin Cat and The Web. Those were my first nights out in the scene. Only went to those places once on different occasions and then....

brap brap...

Klubmasta Will

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wow, i just read that other thread and realized i witnessed the altercation with the bouncer that led to the dude coming back to shoot the bouncer. that was a long time ago!



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I remember the bouncer as a fair and friendly chap. His death was senseless.
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