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Spencer Daniels - Inside the House of Hibiscus [disco, house, techno]


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[Download available through Soundcloud]


Starting off slow and moving through shades of house, techno and disco. The tempo rises as elements of acid and freestyle creep in before concluding with flurry of Canadiana warehouse wigglers.

1. Without You by John Talabot
2. Bellow by Les Sins
3. Spiritual Encounter by Roman Flugel
4. All I Want by Fort Romeau
5. Black Country Roots by Mark E
6. Ghetto For You by Brame and Hamo
7. Easy by Snacks
8. Oban (Todd Terje Mix) by Jaga Jazzist
9. Raw Cuts (Recloose)by Motor City Drum Ensemble
10. The Glass City by Pender Street Steppers
11. We Can Do Something by Uffe
12. Sub Conscious (Tin Man)by Erol Alkan
13.Down in Sector H by SDC
14. Proton Candy by Metro Area
15. Mezzanine by The Galleria
16. Fly High by Nautiluss
17. Sky Lounge by Project Pablo
18. Due West by Bwana
19. Let's Fall by Headless Ghost
20. Usha by Daphni
21. Can't Do Without You (Extended Mix )by Caribou
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