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Speedzter 3 - 3.5" IEEE 1394/ USB 2.0 External Enclosure


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I have one of these that I'm not using.


I think I paid about 150 US for it 4 years ago. It still works like a charm and it looks good doing it. It will fit any type / size of IDE or EIDE hard drive. So you could put a Maxtor DiamondMax Plus11 EIDE 500GB into it and have way more portable storage then you would ever know what to do with.

I had one 160 gig drive in this thing for 4 solid years and it was on for that entire time. I never took it anywhere to make it useful as a portable device so I got a new drive and put it inside my machine.

These go for 70USD these days. I'll let this go for 50 canadian. I know it's as much as most new drive enclosures but it's definitely worth the price.



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