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Speedy J's in Detroit tonight...

Destro Sanchez

TRIBE Member
shit, I've been meaning to tell the Speedy J freaks about this party. woops.

it's @ Detroits Masonic Temple :eek:

(I would be going for the locals...)


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i was trying to 'forget about this'
thanks for reminding me bbb


can't do it . really wish i could tho
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Oh dear!

Obviously "raoul" or whoever he is forgot to check the international made up name registry. A glaring oversight to say the least.
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next time i see flyers for the dukes i'm going to add a line to the u and turn it into the dykes

how brilliant am i
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jus me

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went on saturday...

i was standing beside a stack of speakers, sorry about the sound.

have some photos...but need to resize.
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