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Speedy J


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TILT_Lance said:
you continue to go back

and prolly continuously complain

ok, i won't turn this into a bickering match, but go back and read my earlier posts lance. before friday, i hadn't been to the guvernment in YEARS! ok? no more assumptions.


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That was a pretty nice room with decent sound. Good night. Speedy J's set had a lot of breakdowns to it. I do love his records for that fact, but it did seem to me it was breakdown after breakdown. Everyone loved it though.
Men's bathroom: Yikes! What is that stink. Pools of water (?) on the floor. Gross.
Floors: Sticky like a Comfort Zone floor after a weekend (or movie theatres beore they instituted the clean after every movie policy in all the multiplexes). I could barely pick my feet off the ground for all the stick. Stuff gets spilled granted.
As for getting kicked out for smoking a joint. I suppose there's a nice way of doing it, but it's a non-smoking club and I'm sure any inspector type would have no problem yanking their license if they found smoking of any kind in there. I don't mind the dubes, but a smoke free environment has been a blessing I say.
I must agree that geting the coats should not be an issue for the folk looking for a warm smoke outside.
Good to see a lot of people out. I did leave at around 3am, so I missed the grand finale everyone is talking about.
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I just got a copy of Colabs 3000....the AA side is what Speedy J finished off with, and it brought tears to my eyes having it play on my system.


Da grunj

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Why goosebumps? I was not there, nor did I know anyting about it. But reading the reviews just showed me that you can run (from what you LOVE) to but you can't hide (from the feelings that you crave). I am shivering from the damn goosebumps because I just lived that night precariously through you who managed to illustrate what took place that night.

Very regretful for what I missed, but also very thankful to those who can express your feellings through words,

PS. I have just decided to quit pretending that I don't NEED nights like those.


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any chance anyone has this set recorded?

I had a wicked time that night and the 20 min video just doesn't cut it