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SPEEDBALL w/Marc Romboy


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Showed up shortly after one. I was somewhat excited that I managed to get myself to FW in time for a few drinks.

It was relatively busy for 1:15 am or so. Marc Romboy had just stepped up to the decks. He played all the tracks I wanted to hear, but seemed to play them in the wrong order or something. A few times where the dance floor was not rocking. He was good, but I wasn't blown away by any means.

The party itself was great. A touh light on people as it got late, but as per the usual Footwork vibe, it was a blast, everyone was up for it and in a party mood. Every time I go to that venue I am happy we have it in the city.

Nice to see some party friends...you know, the semi-strangers that you see at every techno evetn, and no where else.
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Excellent night. . . man I heard some good music!

Set of the night for me is Eliot Lazor though!

Good times. . . .
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What a night! I showed up just as MIke Gibbs was ending unfortunately so I missed out on experiencing someone a lot of my friends have been talking about...:(


Marc Romboy was great!! I heard a lot of what I had hoped to hear and some tracks I couldnt identify that were pretty amazing... so much fun to dance to that dude's tracks... didnt notice some of the "dead spots" mentioned above at all really, things seemed to go pretty smoothly to my ears... Overall I found myself just lapping up the mood and vibe Romboy created for us. Awesome!

I napped so I could stay til the end cause I knew Eliot would be closing out and he did not dissappoint, he captured the head of steam Romboy generated and added some of that get physical clubbiness I was looking for to end my night... something about that sound from 3-5 just fits perfectly in the late morning... Heard a lot of what I was hoping to hear too, and again some special surprises spiced things up nicely! YUMMY!

I came in knowing I'd put out a lot of energy, and today Im def gonna have to have a few stretching sessions to relax my muscles.

Thanks Eliot and everyone else who chipped in last night - it was an incredible night of music that pushed me HARD and just what I wanted to hear!

Here's looking forward to Zombie Nation! w00t!


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i had a good time last night at Footwork. it was the most packed i've ever seen the place, which imo was good, b/c usually its a bit too slow to rock out a serious party. Marc Romboy played some of his own tunes, and remixes of his tunes...i thought his set was pretty good from having no expectations. the style of his set was wikkid, but i think his programming killed(not in a good way ;) ) the dancefloor a couple of times. all 'round goodtimes!


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i had a great time
i was really digging all the tunes that romboy played
it was like a lot of the stuff im listening to at home, but dont get out to hear enough
all who joined me enjoyed the night, despite their reservations and lack of enthusiasm when it comes to house music
depressing to have to leave by three though
oh well
i recognized a few of the tunes he played
only ones that really come to mind now are paul woolford - erotic discourse and john dahlback - now its not summer

also scored a copy of romboy's new cd and i havent stopped listening to it
its exceptionally good
dark, techy, and old school, but plenty groovey
thanks eliot
ill be in kops to grab a copy on 12" for sure
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eliot played an excellent set....got the floor movin'.
good night at fW.
nice to see a hearty portion of the crew out.


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Footwork was a great time on Saturday...

Marc Romboy played a fantastic set, so happy thay I didnt miss this night. He was playing some great tracks. All over the board from house, techno to minimal, I was very impressed. The last track he played sealed it with a kiss...

The crowd was fantastic, had some great partners in crime, I give this night a high 9 outta 10...

Good work FW and Speedball!


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I'll echo the comments above, great night at footwork!
Didn't know a lot about Marc Romboy as a DJ but have a few of his records and like his production work. He kept a smile on my face all night blending in a little funk, electro, and techno. Had a chance to talk to him after his set and he was leaving straight for Miami for the WMC. Pretty humble guy I must say.

Thanks to the Speedball guys for bringing some fresh new talent!


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i had a great time. all the sets on saturday night were incredible. i didn't stop dancing the entire time. :)

Surfer Joe

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Great time on Saturday night. Really enjoyed the mixture of dirty electro and funky tech-house. Any slight gaps in the flow were welcome opportunites to catch a breath from the packed dancefloor. Footwork is definitely an oasis for consistently good music and a great crowd. I agree with MissBlu's comment about Romboy's last track. That one kills me every time I hear it. Not sure of the name though and will have to dig that up.
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Hmmmm......I only got to hear about an hour of Romboy's set. Mike Gibbs rocked it and Allsgood was pretty high energy as well. Great crowd, great tunes, great space. Pretty good ingrediants for a hype party. Bring on the Zombie Nation! Boo Ya!

lou kang

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kick ass sets all around

more than decent turnout and some fancy dancing going on at some points LOL

romboy played really funky but chugging techhouse

deer in the headlights..deer in the headlights!



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Romboy's last track was Freeform Five "No More Conversations" (Mylo Mix) - huge tune.

i loved Romboy's entire set, didn't really notice too much dead time - actually thought he kept the pace pretty good. he was the only DJ i was up at the front for so i can't comment on anyone else, but the music sounded great all night.

nice seeing everyone, even a throwback from my montreal heyday, and agent smith ran over my foot with his car. good times


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droops said:
Bring on the Zombie Nation! Boo Ya!

What's this?!?!?...
If Zombie Nation (John Starlight) is coming to town I'll FREAK OUT...

I've been dying to see him for years and telling promoters to fucking book him___
Could it finally be true??
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Agent Smith

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oeretS said:
nice seeing everyone, even a throwback from my montreal heyday, and agent smith ran over my foot with his car. good times

Well, now you've learned your lesson. Never accept a ride from an idiot.

Surfer Joe

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oeretS said:
Romboy's last track was Freeform Five "No More Conversations" (Mylo Mix) - huge tune.

Hey, thanks for identifying that track. Looking forward to hearing it through the headphones.

And I second that about Andrew Allsgood also doing his duty to rock the joint. I've enjoyed his sets ever since seeing him at The Living Room one Sunday night years ago.


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thanks !

Speedball wishes to thank all that made this party what it was audience, performers, and club owners alike.
We are delighted to know that the music can still be the primary attraction to an event and that both the knowledgeable and musically voyeuristic have an equally enjoyable party experience under one footwork roof.

See you all may 20th !
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