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i thought that the venue kicked ass!
it was Bingo Country 117 Dawson Rd.
nice and big not too big though just right.


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Well it was nice to be partying in guelph again for a change. I can't really remember when last I actually went to a party in guelph on a saturday night! Oh well it's my loss! On a night when Connected AND Ascension were both going on I didn't know what to expect in terms of people showing up.

You know it's funny some people wanted more attendees to be there and I suppose sure, they could have used 100 more people but it's guelph and hey i'm used to it!
The minute I got out of the cab that I recognized some familiar faces which was a good sign. Walking in I noticed more familiar faces, also a good thing. I loved the fact that Shannon had a Threadz booth and that G.R.I.P.(Guelph raver information project)was in full effect!

There were definetly some cliques at the party, mostly highschool people but I had no problem meeting a TONNE of new people, which is usually the case while attending guelph parties.

The Music
Well for the most part the music was amazing! It was my friend Jacob's a.k.a "Smooth Operator" first time spinning out at a full fledged "rave" and he did not disapoint mixing it up between his variety of nu-skool two step breaks while adding a little funky flava for good measure.
Next was Dj K, who I met after his set as well as his wicked and bootyful gal Shannon who I met during the beggining of the set. YOU GUYZ R EPIC!
K spun the alien ed rush and optical track that I lost it completely to on the dance floor.
I forgot somehow that S.O.S was spinning at the party! WOW is all I can say, probably one of THE best sets i've ever heard him spin. Strange since it was such a small party in any case he really got the crowd moving and into a frenzy!

The set of the night was most definetly ROB FUCKING SOLO! I heard about him through friends and this was my first chance to check him out. I must say he is one amazing Dj! He spun booty/breaks/house and I have absolutely no problems with that. In fact I kinda wish there was someone else in the guelph area that would spin like this guy.I even got one of his tapes he was throwing out while he was wrapping up his set! Props to Rob Solo you made my night when you spun Scanty Sandwich.

Early in the morning I was looking over at the door and noticed a guy with a rather large afro walk in and suddenly realized it was none other then THOMAS! What a nice surprise later I enjoyed watching Thomas run like a mad man all over the bingo hall as well as perform many of his other antics which were much appreciated!

To round out the nigh Solace got up there and began with a pretty rough and hard house mix but progressively smoothed it out eventually it went from house continually downtempo with each new song and mix to a slow breakbeat..ahh nice morning breakbeat.

I'd like to thank Andrew and everyone involved in Shadowdance productions for a very enjoyable evening, it's been awhile, thanks for bringin me back to the guelph scene/massive/crew.

Good music and epic times with friends new and old, thanks again.


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