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special ed @ footwork!


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Last night was a quick blur of drinks, hot girls in skimpy outfits, something about a paddle...and there were cameras flashin' all over the place.

Oh yeah, there was some music here and there too...:p

That's pretty much all I can muster up for now...my brain is mush!
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I was supposed to be there but really didn't feel like going out. No doubt it was a shit show and can't wait for the pics.


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my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. :) FW was the perfect way to end a marathon evening of birthday celebration. crowd was great, music was great! stayed almost right up to the end.

frankie and mischief <3!

girls in kilts, boys in ties <3!

meeting several sexy and/or wasted tribers for the first time <3!

three jess's together. at last! <3!

bbj's drunkeness was hilarious. "jess, meet my brother. isn't he the hottest guy ever? i mean, this guy is SO hot." lol

i was upset to have missed seeing toby out, (where the heck were ya!?) and not meeting val (FUCK!). finary, and prickly pete = lame for not making it out. :p


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If I hadn't been as drunk, I might be able to comment a little more extensively on the quality of the night. I saw and met a lot of absolutely gorgeous people, danced from 1:30AM until close, and finally got to meet Soulster/Jess, which was most definitely the highlight, with a second place moment brought to you by the three hottest Jess's on Tribe together finally (I wish I had a picture of that moment :) ).

I think I met a few others, but things are a bit muddy. In any case, it's nice to go out, dance for hours, come home, sleep it off and feel good the next day. :) Thanks again footwork!
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i just got up.


great seeing so many wonderful people out last night.
I also got to finally meet a bunch of tribers i have not been able to introduce myself.

my head hurts. i went to bed at 6am.
Perhaps i will write more when my brain clears up.


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looks and sounds like everyone had a great time.. happy birthday jerjive, big bird and soulster jess!

ps- fleaflo stole that medal (he never made the soccer team)
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woah man. i had to do a double-take when i saw the title of this thread. i honestly thought i had missed hip hop artist 'special ed' (he was the shit years ago! 'i'm the magnificent', 'on a mission', etc.) whew! still looks like i missed a fun night nonetheless... girls in uniform. mmm. lol nice stuff.



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It was fun to see everyone all dressed up! I also enjoyed dancing to what I think was Jeremy's set...but whatever was after that was just not my style (but I did keep dancing to it, so it wasn't all bad ;)). I think I was the only sober person in the place, so maybe that's why I was a little less than wowed! It was especially nice getting to chat with a few people longer than the usual (hi! nice to see you!) smalltalk (especially Mr Dead Poets' Society who I don't see often enough). Special thanks to Erin for accommodating our coatcheck requests!

More pics please!


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woah! I have never in my life been so drunk. I am paying for it today grrrr.

From what I can remeber it was a wikkid night out.

As soon as I can gather my thoughts I'll throw some more pics up.
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now THAT was an absolute blast.

there are some pretty serious chunks of the evening missing, but god damn was that ever a fun night!

many thanks to everyone i chatted with last night for making it that much more fun. big ups to pinkyinsane and the "naughty" crew! (i lost the button! i worked so hard for it, too!)

happy birthday to soulster jess, and nice meeting you! we should make jess pile ups more often ;)

nice meeting you, caz!


more pics!!! i know there are some winners in there somewhere!


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I got there later than I had wanted to and didn't really stay too long but it was nice seeing the usuals.

Happy Birthday Ivan and Jeremy.


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Skipper said:
Who is that?
(on the left obviously)

WORD that is me... *Biggs*... last night was friggin awesome. I met a lot of new tribers and I had a lot of drinks! Good times for shiz... Fillmore has got some good pics heheh!
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