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Speaking of XP...


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Came across this interesting article thought I'd share....

Refresh Rates: The one CRITICAL flaw in Windows XP

"By default, Windows 98/ME always plays games at the highest refresh rate your monitor and video card can handle, and this offers the least flicker and the least eyestrain possible. However, Windows XP plays games at much lower refresh rates. In every resolution, all DirectX games in Windows XP run at only 75 Hz, and all OpenGL games in Windows XP run at only 60 Hz. That's right, OpenGL based Quake III Arena will run at only 60 Hz in XP! Both of these refresh rate settings will give you much added eyestrain and a nasty headache after playing for a while. This gaming refresh rate issue is such a HUGE and OBVIOUS problem, it makes you wonder how Microsoft can even ship an operating system with such a huge flaw."


For those with short attention span, conclusion is you got to hack it with Entech's Powerstrip and set the refresh manually... Good ol Microshaft