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speakers and amps


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A friend of mine is taking off to India and needs to pay his rent. Hes selling some really nice gear really cheap. If anyone can help the cause send him an e-mail at robertburr@hotmail.com. Heres the list.

QSC CX 404 amp, retails $1600, selling for $500
QSC CX 204Vamp, retails $1600, selling for $500
4 Tannoy 600 series monitors, retail $1000/pair, selling $750 all four
2 Sound Dynamics RTS 800 subs, retail $500each, selling $500 for both
American Dj color DMX operator and control board, selling $300

Selling the package for 1500 or individually, must go, please send e-mail to robertburr@hotmail.com

Thanks alot.