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Speaker question


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up till now I've just had steryo speakers plugged into my mixer, these blew recently since they were old.

I'm looking to buy something with a little more kick and I saw this at radio shack:


It says that its a PA system...does that mean that its no good as a "speaker"?

I obviously don't know much about these, so any help will be great.

Anyone got any other alternatives on a budget?

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I have no alternatives offhand, but I wouldn't go this way. this is the kind of product useful at an abortion rally or some such.
you have speakers plugged into your mixer? are you sure? mixer---> receiver(or some other kind of amp)----> speakers. this is the law of the land my son. what kind of mixer?


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thanks for the info. lol@abortion rallies!

The mixer is actually a mobile mixing thingy with two built in cd players and an amp which means I don't need another amp.