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Now that the surpreme court has ruled that it is acceptable to use mild to moderate force to discipline their children, what are your thoughts.

LInk to Star Article

Should parents be allowed to spank their child if the child deserves it, without fearing some sort of legal action or child services taking their children away from them?

For me personally, I know that I was spanked as a child, and turned out none the worse for wear.

I think that aside from the fact that there is little or nor parental surpervision these days, the lack of disipline is part of the reason why there are so many rotten children these days. But that's just my opinion.
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Mild to moderate eh? Do they have to be your own children? Is using a flail going to far?

It's going to be a right fun weekend putting all the little hellians back in line!

normaily I'd leave it at that but it's a touchy subject so in case anyone missed it I am being sarcastic.