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SPAM Season


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Is it just me, or is e-mail SPAM breeding like rabbits on viagara?

I'm getting at least 50 a day for the last few days.
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Especially in my hotmail!!

I wish I could tell all that spam that my penis is big enough and get them to stop sending crap to me!!


da MiGHTy pLUm!

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I must've gotten at least 30 on ICQ yesterday.... gotten to the point where I've had to change it so I won't accept messages from people not on my list....

Tis the season to tell everyone there's a new 18 year old just ready to get naked in front of the camera.... *click here*



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Yeah.. me too.. Xtreme site hard core porn spams my email twice a day on hotmail.. and some crushmaster, and classmates.. oh wait.. Free Diploma too... arrrrrgg


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Don't use Hotmail for personal.. use. Get an account with a lesser-known email provider. Keep your Hotmail addy for when you're asked to provide an email address when signing up for things. Never provide your personal address in user profiles, on message boards, websites or mailing lists.


If you have POP mail, find a free email provider that allows messages to be forwarded to another account. Only give out the forwarding address, give your friends and the people you communicate with your real address. That way if the spam builds up you can create a new forwarding account.
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Originally posted by Chiclet
breeding like rabbits on viagara?

"I need a mammal that breeds a lot?"


BwHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! okee too funny neow!

and yes I'm getting twice as much as before... must have dropped my email in the wrong place.

ps ~ let the all holy first chiclet@yahoo ever go. it's time.