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Spadina Food


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Okay. whats the best place to go for dinner on Spadina....best food...not too complicated. But not totally white (not that there is a lot of white people food on spadina) anyways. friend coming from out of town. help please :)
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popeyes once a month on your worst hangover days.
kom jug yuen for the best value barbecue pork with rice.
$1.00 viet subs from Banh Mi when you're assed-out but still hungry.
john's for pork chops, hamburgers and home style things if you're not afraid of crackheads and assholes.

dig this

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Bass-Invader said:
kom jug yuen biatch!
mmm mmm mmm... "Best BBQ Pork in North America"... That sign don't lie!

Peter Chung's on College right by Spadina is delish...

Pho 88 for vietnamese... prolly easier for someone who doesn't experiment with food too much.
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Kung Po Beef

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Is Red Room still open? Not the "best" food but a nice casual atmosphere, good for catching up over and having a beer. Good prices too.


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all my non-chinese friends love that stuff...at some places, you can order the dough-fritter rice noodle roll w/ beef....it's just that much more amazing...beefy goodness
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Deevah: tried it for the first time last week and I dunno, I found the slimy layer to be a little unappealing... that whole 'caker meets the world of Asian food texture' thing... ...though taking it in a beef direction is something I would try

one of my favourite Bob the Angry Flower cartoons evar
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