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Space Heaters

Aerius Zension

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Anyone know a good place to buy one. I got one from The Bay yesterday, but the unit is loud enough to wake up my neighbours.

Do you have one? How much did you pay? Where did you get it?

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my dumbass roommate had an old one (one of those brown metal jobbies) and nearly starting the house on fire TWICE.

thankfully it went kaput.

but then he tried to replace it with a hairdryer.

thankfully that went kaput as well.


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I have an oil-filled radiator one, and it makes no noise at all, and works great.

I won't give the brand name since I don't think it matters, and I don't want to look like a hypocrite when someone thinks that I am a guerilla marketer.

However, if someone from a heater company wants to send me a heater for the other room here, I would be glad to drop the name.


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Also, if you don't have to pay for hydro, turn on your oven to about 450, and leave the door open. This has the added benefit of drying the air so that you can have really itchy skin, and make whistling sounds while you sleep.
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I got a wicked one from Canadian tire, It has a thermostat built in so when it reaches that temperature the fan shuts off. It also has a little button on the bottom so if it tips over it shuts off automaticly.

I have no idead how much it cost though?


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There are radiant heaters and fan-driven heaters (using ceramic or some such nonsense). Fan-driven heaters are noisy, radiant heaters (oil-filled) are not. :)