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Space Ghost Coast 2 Coast .... is the ting !


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in the past year or so... I've downloaded over 65 episodes. Whenever I get a chance, I sit down and watch an episode. Today, I watched an episode with Emo Phillips... lol... this show is the bomb.

Any other fans out there ?

Zorak or Moltar ? Who'd win in a steel cage match ?


"..... play me to the desk".
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i love spaceghost

no one else i know seems to understand the hilarity he embodies

"it's shampoo for your brain"
"i'm already smart enough to know THIS is working"


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... if you've never seen a SG C2C episode... Y'ALL NEED TA GIT UP ON DIS HERE TRAIN !!!


the best sequence ever........

Space Ghost: Well, Moltar, I... guess I lost the fight.

Moltar: No, Space Ghost, I lost... the fight.

Space Ghost: We both lost, therefore we both won. I apologize.

Moltar: Aaaa, ya big lug. I love you too.

Space Ghost: Give me a big old hug. (off camera) Ohhhh yeah!

Zorak: Frak!

Space Ghost: (invisos to desk) Hello everybody! And now, back to the show.

Zorak: Pinhead.

Space Ghost: What?

Zorak: Nothin'. Moltworm.

Space Ghost: What did you say, just then?

Zorak: Nothin'!

Space Ghost: I don't remember where...

Zorak: Snapdragon.

Space Ghost: ... I heard that, you said 'snapdragon'.

Zorak: Did not!

Space Ghost: Did too!

Zorak: (in Exorcist voice) Did Not!

Space Ghost: That's creepy, idn't it?

Zorak: (in same voice) Yes. (evil laugh)

Space Ghost: And now, let's welcome Erik Estrada. (appears on monitor)

Moltar: Hang on a second, I, I wrote some questions for him.

Space Ghost: Well, hurry up!

Moltar: (walks out, plops down questions on Space Ghost's desk) Here! (walks off)

Space Ghost: Welcome to the show, citizen!

Erik Estrada: Thank you! Hi, Moltar! (winks)

Moltar: (still next to Space Ghost's desk) You're the man! Woo hoo!! Yeah!!

Space Ghost: Gonna stand there all day?

Moltar: I'm not hurtin' anything. Just talk.

Space Ghost: Don't worry, I'll read your stupid questions.

Moltar: You better. (walks off)

Space Ghost: Moltar's first question... well, it's not really a question, it just says "Moltar is your number one fan."

Erik Estrada: Yeah, I know, we're buds.

Moltar: You are the man!

Space Ghost: Question t-

Moltar: Wooooo!

Space Ghost: (pause) Question two says: How do you handle the pressures of being an international sex symbol?

Erik Estrada: Ohhhhh, how do I handle it? Well, you just have to, just, you say, "Okay, thank you, I take that as a

Space Ghost: Okay, thank you, I take that as a compliment.

Erik Estrada: And don't, don't get offended by it, or don't think that it gives you a license to... practice sex, with just

Space Ghost: (pause) Okay.

(Erik's and Space Ghost's smiles sparkle, to the tune of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star")

Zorak: (in cavern) (Oh, the sounds of happiness fester in my brain!)

Moltar: Let me ask a question!

Erik Estrada: Sure! Go on, Molt. We know each other, I can call him Molt. (monitor shows text:)

Moltar: Woo doggie!

Zorak: (in Exorcist voice) Shut Up!

Moltar: You and me, Zorak, after the show!

Zorak: (in same voice) You name the time, scab!

Moltar: I thought I just did!

Zorak: (in normal voice) Oh, right. After the show. (screen goes dark, except for his eyes) (What am I becoming?)

Space Ghost: Ask your question!

Moltar: Okay! (monitor shows text:)

Moltar: (throws lever, Erik reappears on control room monitor) Erik, why was Sergeant Katrare always so mean? (monitor
shows text:)

Erik Estrada: Well, the sergeant never got out of the station much. And he didn't get to ride and meet the people, meet all
the children...

Moltar: Or maybe your pants were too tight. Or maybe... (monitor shows text:)

Erik Estrada: Oh...

Moltar: (clears throat) Hey, remember the episode where you save Heather Locklear from the biker gang? (monitor shows

Erik Estrada: Yes.

Moltar: Oh, and, and remember the time when the skateboarder grabbed onto the back of that Chevy Malibu?

Erik Estrada: Right, right. (monitor shows text:)

Moltar: And kept on skating? That was so cool! (monitor shows text:)

Erik Estrada: That wasn't very smart, that wasn't really cool.

Moltar: Well, that's what I meant. That was totally uncool!

Zorak: Let the power of Ponch compel you! (repeats over and over) (monitor shows text:)

Moltar: Shut up, Zorak!

Erik Estrada: Zorak? Who's Zorak?

Space Ghost: That thing, over there!

Erik Estrada: That's pretty mean, huh?

Zorak: ... Let the power of Ponch compel you! ... (monitor shows text:)

Moltar: I said, shut up! You're wrecking my interview!

Zorak: ... Let the power of Ponch compel you! ...

Moltar: Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up! (monitor shows text:)

Space Ghost: Stop yelling! (silence on the set)

Erik Estrada: Okay.

Zorak: Let the power of Ponch compel you! ...

Moltar: Shut up! ??? you idiots anymore!

Erik Estrada: (pretending to talk into walkie-talkie) Hey, Baker, this is Seven Mary Three, we've got a 9-11 in progress, I
need your audible, drop that burrito and get over here. (laughs)

Space Ghost: A 9-1-1 in progress? Up, up and away! (flies off)

Zorak: ... Let the power of Ponch compel you! ...

Moltar: You ruined my chance of a lifetime!

Zorak: ... Let the power of Ponch compel you! ...

Moltar: Shut. Up. Shut up!

Zorak: (blows up)

Moltar: Erik? Just gimme a second, I can fix it. (pulls lever, Erik blows up) Noooooo!!!! Oh no. (Moltar blows up)

(Phantom Cruiser flies in space, with mellow music playing)

Space Ghost: (mocking voice) "911, better hurry! 911!" Hate this job! Hey, it's hot in here. (sighs) Wonder if the air
conditioner's broken... (turns knob) (Space Ghost blows up)

(Credits roll)

Space Ghost: Did we get all that on tape?


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stoopid happy faces... lol.. those weren't supposed to be there...



... did you see the episode 'piledriver' ? Where Macho Man Randy Savage does the voice of Space Ghost's father... lol.. so funny.
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