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Spa recommendations


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i need a place with an rmt because massages are covered at my work... want a mani/pedi and probably a facial... yeah i think that is what i am looking for. in your response say why you recommend the place. also on a budget. thx


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The only men's spa I know is at the Park Hyatt. There is a specific men's lounge. But it's not cheap.


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I'm looking for a good place to get an extracting facial. My pores need work. Not interested in any other treatments (mani, pedi, etc) JUST a facial.
Was hoping there'd be a good cheap place in Koreatown, but those that come recommended are women only! Boourns! Help!


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I would post in the girls forum.
I know a skin place on Yonge Street that's beautiful with actual doctors and shit. Elements something something? I've been there and it's probably really expensive for cosmetic shit.

Did you look into the men's spa at the Hyatt?
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