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SP vs. Simp's vs. Fam Guy vs. Futurama vs. King Hill


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i know there are others, but:
are by far the most popular modern-day cartoons.

which one is your fave and why?

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South Park

Although the last few seasons have gone a different direction, still the funniest show on TV.

The first few seasons, the characters were what made the show. Cartman ruled everything.

The last few just rip on everything from religion to sexuality to ....well....whatever is being talked about.

The Paris Hilton episode is my favorite episode of all time of any show.

Ill give the Simpsons a close second for being able to maintain top show status while being on the air for what like fifteen years?

Family Guy, although I was initially a fan, I just don't like the new episodes as much. To over the top. Stewie is getting on my nerves as well.


King of the Hill makes for great dinner time viewing, nice dry humour. Hank owns. It is on at least once an hour on American sat, they love it down there.

Futurama, I could see why people like it but I could just never get into it for some reason.
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South Park is by far my favourite because of its "no holds barred" approach to comedy.

Cartman: Kyle, I'm sorry I called you a jew ealier.
Kyle: But Cartman, I AM a jew!
Cartman: Don't be so hard on yourself kyle.


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i think south park is awesome
futurama was awesome
simpsons is the least of my faves now (but there's no denying how great it's been)
King of the hill is the most minimal and also has the most heart.
family guy is great for a good laugh.


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King of the Hill is poo.

South Park is awesome, but I don't watch it often enough.

Simpsons is a weekly must watch just in case they pull another good episode outta their asses.

Family Guy is also awesome. [Stewie] Your anguish sustains me [/Stewie]

I couldn't even get into Futurama.
South Park all the way for me. The film was incredibly funny and an unexpected Disney like Musical with a tourrette's syndrome cursing streak. The show whenever it got topical, had a hilariously skewered take on the situation and flipped the bird at whomever they pleased.

Family Guy works for me second best because of their Airplane! like tactics: throw everything you have at the wall and see what sticks. Their political incorrectness rivals South Park, and that's saying a lot for a network broadcasted television show.
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south park jams a whole lot of topic matter and critique, as well as comedy, into 22 minutes!

last year, the episode 904 -"best friends forever" won an emmy for best all-around episode of animated television. and in the 22 minutes they have to work with in that epsiode, they accomplished alot!

it truly is the best of the bunch (only simpsons has any sort of edge on it due to it's history)

Ditto Much

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South Park is the only modern musical in my memory that had people signing along in the theatre. The utter brilliance of the extended songs and dance numbers is really hard to find a comparison to. Even without the 10 years of episodes I could call it the greatest based on the movie alone.

Futurama is the most verstile of the group and is the least restricted by reality. At the end of the day if Futurama wants an episode where bill clinton dukes it out with george washington while captain kirk rates the fight all taking place on a planet where gravity is constantly changing they can do it. If futurama wants a war they have a war if they want 1920's they've got it.

Id say of the group its probably my favorite. Although the Simpsons changed the world and our culture after the Johnny Cash space cyote episode it really felt like it went down hill pretty quick. I'd have put the Simpsons first if they had killed it 5 years ago but the last 5 years really dropped the average for me. Of them its likely the most significant and important but for me its running third.

South Park and Futurama are unique in that many people never watched them on Television. I watched both series while at work having downloaded them each week as they came out. I have owned both series in a pirated form more than once.


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they should have a spin off show starring: Bender, Dale Grible, Stan Marsh's Dad, and stewie
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Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

But of those listed I still love the Simpsons...I can watch an episode a bagillion times and still laugh at the same exact moments.

*I thought he was a party robot...*

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