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Southport Weekender "The BIG 50"


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It's been two weeks & I still can't compose myself properly to write any kind of a review so until/unless someone else comes by and steps up, I'd like to at least share a few videos of what was truly an unbelievable experience.

You really must make an effort to attend one of these. There's simply nothing like it.

Sunday Finale w/Jasper St Company - THIS WAS UNREAL!!!!!!!!!! The energy in this room was off the charts


Tony Humphries (Hard to pick just one fav but Tony's set was pure magic)


Joey Negro


Miguel Migs (Sunday after-party. Last set of the Weekender & I've never herd him play a better set. He was walking through the crowd before his set talking to everyone, getting a vibe)


Julie McKnight


Carl Cox (House/Classics Set)


Derrick Carter


Frankie Feliciano


DJ Spen (Disco Set!! He KILLED IT!!)




Lynn Lockamy


Brand New Heavies Pt 1


Brand New Heavies Pt 2


Chaka Khan Featuring Incognito

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room