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South east Asia travels: Looking for N-fo

Cheap Ego

TRIBE Member
Curious about recent experiences of anyone having traveled to south eastern asia recently. More specifically, Cambodia, Burma and Vietnam in regards to political climate and tourist safety.

eg. Have you taken rail/motorbikes safely between countries? Encountered no resistance/trouble?

Feel free to contribute to the thread, or email to:

sporadik 'at sign' sympatico 'dot' ca

(by the way, disregard my last week's thread making fun of travel threads)

feisty boy

TRIBE Member
i've got a couple friends returning tonight, actually, from 2 months in southeast asia.
vietnam, laos, cambodia, thailand - i'll give them your email

feisty boy

TRIBE Member
well, from the emails i was getting, things seemed to be better than okay. they were taking trains all over, finding good access to illicit substances - all in all, having a hassle free, enjoyable time.
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