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South African TV


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Four channels:

SABC 1 - singing and dancing in zulu
SABC 2 - singing and dancing in xhosa
SABC 3 - singing and dancing in some other african language
e tv - ten year old episodes of Friends

I am doing a lot of reading.
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NY Public Television

NY1 - Singing and dancing in Jesus's name in Brooklyn.

NY13 - Singing (in Spanish) and dancing in Jesus's name.

NY24 - Shooting in Queens.

All other channels - Seinfeld.
South Africa was way worse for TV than any other country I've been to, including Bahrain.

They had few channels with an odd mixture of shows on them, edited out pigs on All Creatures Great and Small, and interrupted every while with the green screen of prayer and singing.
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What about the fascinating 5 day cricket matches?? I remember those being REALLY entertaining!

I think etv has bad porn on late at night...

Seriously though, you have to pay for the decent tv. M-NET and DSTV have most of the things that we have and I miss BBC Food and BBC Prime.