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Soundwave anyone?


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Just wondering if anyone else on here is making the trek over for this amazing festival.
I'll be playing the Liquid Soul Sound stage, I dont know my set time yet but I'll post once I know.
Date: July 13th -15th

The line up so far
The Main Stage Line up is still a mystery. but the other stages announced are.

Liquid Soul Sound Stage Line-up
Clipz - Zoo Audio - Bristol - UK
T Power - Digital Soundboy - UK
Evol - True Playaz - Chicago
Child Support - Social Security - Hospital Records - UK
Mat the Alien - matthealien.com - Whistler
Mutt - Sean Roman
Greenlaw Avenue - Victoria
Tedder - liquidfunk.ca - Victoria
Jimmy Jam - Whitebird Victoria
Scotty Stylus - Victoria
Wood and Soo - woodnsoo.com
Verse and Murge - Champion Sound dj’s - Victoria
Jimungle Vs Mary Mac - Whitebird Vancouver
Special Ed w/ Mystery MC E - Van City Bass Crew - Vancouver
Daega Sound System - Vancouver - Sunday Day
Matty Pacific
Ryan Chamberlain - Smokin Beats
Sinesthetix - sinesthetix.com
Mykee - Reliable Prod - Victoria
Cedar - Isbow - Victoria
Wax - Independant - Victoria
Mr Mc Cue - spdm crew - Tofino
Soda - Van City Bass Crew - Vancouver
Simon and Gillsans - East(ish) meets West(ern)
Angry Samoan - Independant - Victoria
Marlee - djmarlee.com
Carson - hushnightclub.ca - Victoria
Dirt C - Ucluelet
Kenzie Clarke - Bithin
Mr Freeze - Rush - Victoria
Psychi - Isbow - Victoria
Formulate - Pacific Front - Victoria
Jay Auto - Automakic - Vancouver
Aperture -whitebird/ Sequential Sound Box CFUV 101.9FM
Renegade Sound System Line-up
For more detailed information on all of the artists that will be performing on this stage, please check out the Renegade Sound System website.
Thom Banks - Victoria
Steven Beaupre - Montreal
James Boatman - Vancouver
DJ Poontz - Montreal
Deadbeat - cynosure, revolver, ~scape, ghostly - Berlin
DJ Soma- UK, SomaSoundSystem
DJ Trever - Victoria
El Molito - Montreal
Ernesto Ferreyra - Montreal
Hebegebe - Vancouver
J-Feud - Victoria
Snailrider - Vancouver
Kickapoo Sandwitch - Victoria
Jon Keith-King - Victoria
OJ - “Concentrated Sound” - Vancouver
K-Tron - Bitchin’ - Victoria
Matt Rose - Montreal
Michael McCaffery - Victoria
Mike McSuede - Vancouver
Morgan Muffler - Vancouver
Scott W. - Valencia
Shine - Montreal
Ty Webb - Vancouver
Ezekiel - Ottawa

HQ Communications Chill Stage Line-up
* Pilgrims of the Mind + Sven Torpedo = SONS OF VENUS
* Tomas Jirku - riversof.com – Live
* The Shanti Sound Tour - with… Kaminanda + Byron Dreamweaver + Joshua James + MC Taoin Winde + Mountain Eyes
* The Shadow Jugglers - with… DJ Soo + DJ Socool + MP Coast to Coast
* Longwalkshortdock - Live Electronics (Dave King) - Blackvan Records NY
* Ladies of the Mic – Live
* Deadbeat - Live - (Cynosure, Revolver, ~scape, Ghostly)
* Binhex – Live (Team Lounge)
* Hasselhoff - (Team Lounge)
* Gordon Field - DJ - (Interchill, Global Chillout)
* Chris Lima - DJ - (Lima Beats)
* Pica - Live -
* Leroy Hayes - DJ - (Coast AV)
* Nikkles - DJ - (HQ, Bassis)
* Hightower – Live - (HQ, Bassis)
* Gnosis - DJ - (HQ, Ahimsa Com.)
* K-Rad - DJ - (Alien Mental Assoc.)
* DJ Lunatic - DJ - (BASS-MINT)
* Lee Henry - DJ -
* Axyz e.m.p. - Live - (Rotfl Recordings)


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nope the main stage was announced yesterday
Soundwave 07 - Performers
Daielektik Stage Performances

Dr. Alex Paterson - The Orb - UK (dj set)
The Orb began as ambient and dub djs in London. Their early performances were inspired by ambient and electronic artists of the 1970s and 1980s, most notably Brian Eno and Kraftwerk. Because of their “trippy” sound, The Orb developed a cult following among clubbers that continues unabated to this very day.
The Orb has managed to maintain their drug-related and science fiction themes despite frequent personnel changes over the years. Alex Paterson has remained the only permanent member, and continues to work as The Orb with the Swiss-German producer Thomas Fehlmann.
He will be treating Soundwavers to a very special and most unusual dj set, to close the Daielektik Stage on Sunday night.
Crackhaus - Montreal - (live pa)
Crackhaus’s sound is playful and sometimes humorous, shamelessly quoting Akufen and Herbert’s micro-sampling cut-up funk while spinning it into something that’s undisputably their own, Crackhaus manage to skillfully tread the thin line between derivative and honest.
Their superb collaboration uses definitive click-house that blends stylistic traces from multiple sources into an incredible and alluring concoction. Yet they refuse to allow the tracks to devolve into mere intellectual exercises. Rather, Crackhaus seem to strike a perfect balance between mind and body, as their chopped and sliced funk-house beats and perpetually cycling bass lines keep each cut irresistibly rooted to the dance floor.
What is most impressive of all is the pair’s poise and restraint, with which Monteith and Beaupré demonstrate their measured pacing of each track’s development throughout its numerous episodes. There is a level of invention and imagination that is sustained throughout a Crackhaus performance that is certain to make for a remarkable listening experience. This is true even if you think you are too old to dance to it.
Our bet is that we’ll see you on the dance floor!
Dirt Crew - Berlin - (live pa)
In the four years since the Dirt Crew’s inception they have mastered the art of mixing old school house and new school electro … and then some! Along the way they’ve succeeded in unleashing a flurry of floor stompers that have got people preaching the good news everywhere they go. Aside from a slew of production credits on such labels as Moodmusic, Brique Rouge, Trapez, and 20:20 Vision, and a hectic schedule of globe trotting, they’ve somehow also found time to launch and manage two of their very own imprints (Dirt Crew Recordings and Player’s Paradise)! This period of productivity doesn’t seem to show any signs of slowing either, as their inspiring and meteoric rise continues unabated.
The “Crew” are well known for an eclectic taste in vinyl material that can only come from true and honest propensity to party. They’ll often throw down sadly forgotten 80’s acid cuts and chuck some old-skool breakbeats on top, just for good measure. They seamlessly weave these elements into their signature sexy, dance floor friendly, beats with an electro-esque pulse that’s sure to keep the heat rising.
What reliably results are packed dance floors at every stop, with revellers gyrating unawares, to what might best be described as the “new” house … and neither them, nor their people would be likely to even mind us calling it that either! … Because it’s working!
By accessing source material that is unusual in its sonic purity, the Dirt Crew succeed in begging the question as to where one goes to be able to encounter such sounds less rarely. In so doing, they reliably remind their audiences just why it is that all the best things in life really do come from Europe.
The Dirt Crew had their hearts stolen by Soundwavers two years ago, and have come back to return the favour! Don’t miss this set!

Kenny Glasgow - Toronto
With a core message like, “Be safe and cool, and enjoy what you do. Don’t be a follower.” it’s not surprising that Kenny continues to hold onto the hearts of dance floors wherever he performs. He was recently honoured as not only the top techno DJ and the most technically skilled mixer in his hometown, but as the overall best DJ in Toronto. His relentless pursuit of new challenges has brought him many first rate residencies, numerous remix projects, and a host of production credits, not to mention his own label.
His sound is minimal, hard, and funky and is sure to make the earth move for Soundwavers on Friday night at the Daielektik. See you there!
Chopstick! - Berlin
Chi-Thien Nguyen, a.k.a. Chopstick!, is based out of the German capital Berlin, where he has been keeping very busy both there and abroad. He has toured Japan, Russia, Australia, China and Canada as a headlining DJ and has a residency at club Saomai in Osaka, Japan and at Club Morphine in Hamburg.
Over his 9 years in the industry, Chopstick has remixed well known artists such as Deep Dish, LL Cool J, XZibit, Britney Spears & Madonna, Young MC and many more. His own musical releases and collaborations have been printed on such well known labels as Underwater, Great Stuff, Ministry Of Sound, Superfly, HoojChoons, and Superstition Network.
This former BC native is returning from the great beyond to once again taste the flavour of our gorgeous Province and the beautiful party people that it produces. Let’s send him back to Europe with some BC memories that will never fade!
Intergallactic Faerie Funk - (live) - Philedelphia
with a mammoth bonfire spewing sparks atop a nearby hill, a group of white trash burnouts have taken over a forest fronting ampitheatre. decked out in trucker caps, camouflage muscle-t’s and droopy mustaches, they suddenly let loose a load of seriously funky tech-house. turns out they are not farmers, but philadlephia’s intergalactic faerie funk, a collective of costumed yahoos mixing hi-tech beats with live instruments, samples, and distorted vocals - a “jam band” synthesizing the electronic with the organic so cleanly that the divisions disappear.
“I believe that the deliciously weird intergalactic faerie funk are currently innovating our music of the future.” (practicalhippie.com)
Adam Marshall (live PA) - Toronto
Adam’s raw house groove and minimal techno roots combine to create a future style of soul. In both his live sets and his DJ performances, Adam has the ability to explore a full spectrum of music; from the deepest techno-funk to the most jacking house.
Adam has worked closely with Jeff Milligan and other artists to produce events that broke new ground and showcased the up-and-coming Canadian sound. He has also released recordings on such respected labels as: Supesharu, Cynosure, Blank, Dumb-Unit, and BLUE Recordings.
His experience on the forefront of the Canadian musical landscape eventually gave birth to his own record label Killer Recordings, which changed into New Kanada to coincide with the popularization of a more “minimal” sound. His New Kanada imprint has released tracks by Mike Shannon, J. Hunsberger, Jeremy P. Caulfield, Hearthrob, and Mood Edit.
He is now a resident at Toronto’s premier underground club Crosstown, playing weekly with guests such as Francois K., Derrick May and Larry Heard. He continues to
push the boundaries of what “techno” is in his current production work, while regularily touring throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia.
The Mole - (live PA) - Montreal
A vinyl-aficionado with a collector’s tastes, Colin De La Plante aka “the Mole” has been a fixture of Montreal’s nightlife for years. In that time he has developed an unparalleled reputation as one of this city’s top-tier leftfield disco DJs. Though his first single appeared back in 2001, it wasn’t until 2004 that The Mole climbed out from his hole and began releasing a steady stream of deep, discofied house music that reflected his passions for Theo Parrish, Giorgio Moroder, and Detroit techno. His loop-driven live sets have garnered an esteemed following for those in search stripped-down minimal funk.
The mole has released sides, songs, remixes and/or loops on Arbutus, Itiswhatitis, his own label Nextdoor, Revolver, Musique Risque, Telegraph, Mutek, Philpot, Spectral, Kompakt Extra, Wagon Repair, and Cynosure. He is also a proud member of the Modern Deep Left Quartet.
The Mole is a regular fixture at Soundwave and we just can’t seem to shake our NEED for the latest sounds that he’s dug up. Colin will be performing a live set on the Daielektik this year late on Friday night. This is a treat that should not be missed!
Saturn (live) - “out of this world” - Vancouver
Saucey - Taipei
Chris Sostad, aka Saucey, is one of Victoria favorite sons gone abroad to spread the good word of Island style lovin’ around the globe.
These days Saucey can be found Djing in all major clubs around Taiwan with residencies at Luxy, and Swank in the southern city of Taichung. Things appear to be always on the move for the man who’s become Taiwan’s number one and most beloved foreign Dj.
He’s back on the logging block to give us a taste of the house stylings, the way that only Saucey can play ‘em. Welcome back Chris!
Ekeem - the burly beat farmer - Vancouver

- Ernesto Ferreyra (live PA) - Montreal
Guided by a restless nomadic spirit, after being part of MUTEK.MX festival production team in 2002, Ernesto decided to move to Montreal and release his eager search for fulfillment through music production. His Latin origins soon rooted and merged with the innovative influence of his fellow Canadian artists. Folk rhythms, guitar and harp samples got all mixed up with the Montreal click tech-house vibes and soon converged into a sort of experimental electronic dance music.
One half of Chic Miniature, with Guillaume Coutu-Dumont in October 2005 they released the Conexion Califa EP through Frankurts Raum Musik label, Poco a Gogo Ep is already out through the Montreal label Musique Risquee and his first solo EP called “Memoria colectiva” Came out last december under Mutek_rec Label.
Nowadays Ernesto spreads his time playing both as a dj and live act and working on his solo productions as well as the follow up to his shared project.
Woodhead - Vancouver
- Ruairi Lazers (live) - Victoria
Ruairi Lazers, hailing from the artic tundra of Saskatchewan makes music you can tap your toes and wiggle your feet to … or, DANCE to is what I mean to say!
Combining acoustic and V-drums with sequenced. Ruairi Lazers, hailing from the artic tundra of Saskatchewan makes music to tap your toes and wiggle your feet to. Combining his adeptness with acoustic and V-drums with sequencing splendour and an uncanny nack for knowing just what they’ll be needing, and just when they’ll be needing it, he just the man to sneak attack you when you’re least expecting it.
So, watch out! He’s a trickster!
Soundwarp (live PA) - Vancouver
aka Soundwarp has been obsessed with music and sound as far back as he can remember. He can actually pinpoint the time when he knew that music would be a dominating factor in his life.
travelling around Latin America and Europe, Mike formed a taste for international sounds and found inspiration from beyond his own country. Now, he spends most of his time in the studio, constantly creating new music. His newly formed live p.a. group, called Midnight Sons, is his latest project. With a wide range of influences coming from all forms of music, Mike doesn’t want to ever limit himself to just one particular style. In his words, “If the music evolves, so will the listener.”
joined Vancouver based electronica band Sonicjoy in 2002, first as a drummer and then as a song writer. The drums were eventually phased out of the band and he took control of the samplers and drum machines for the live act. He co-wrote 3 of the songs on Sonicjoy’s debut album “Urban Angel.” Mike eventually left the band to concentrate more on his own music.
DJ Phuze (Deep Bass Perverts) - UK
- Dosha (live) - Vancouver
Downtempo, hip hoppish beats with an electronic underbelly. Dosha based in Vancouver, is a female vocalist/lyricist/musician/producer of music and multi-media. Her most recent performances have morphed into DJ and minimalistic accompaniment fused with jaaazzzzy vocal stylings. She is currently working on her “Lightbringer” album/remixes with fellow colaborators.
She knows music to act as a universal bond between us all -”People have been singing about the same things for years. It is our job as creators, as producers, and as musical manipulators to deliver those messages in our own ways”, ensuring that the message will remain true and vital for those yet to hear it!
Dosha plans to strike you with stylings from her upcoming release, so be ready.
Mossyrock (live) - Brooklyn
“one word. one simple little word.”
This two-person trio, marc hug, dominica paige, and their rotating guest musicians play what can be described as electronic folk pop. Their song structures center around mandolin, cello, sliced & diced guitar and gastro-intestinal boops and blips.
Paige’s hazy and haunting vocals float overtop, painting poetic images of days gone by. They create glistening pop loop gems that leave you feeling part of a woozy, lilting waltz.
“Currently one of the hardest working bands in america’s burgeoning indie-rock / electronic crossover scene, the mossyrock sound is a floating, textural romp, fusing elements of their past electronic bent with their current indie rock leanings. Recent comparisons to current American peers such as the Books, Octopus Project and Toof are appropriate, as are the references and nods to the otherworldly yet highly nod-worthy sounds of the Orb, a twist of Lemon Jelly and even the slyer moods of Matthew Herbert.
Hrd Vsion (live PA) - Victoria
Living in a musical home, filled with scads of legit instruments, threw Nathan Jonson into the dark disturbing world of Hrdvsion, an alter ego that would, from an early age, feed his insatiable interest in abusing sound
Few people appreciated Nathan’s music when he began performing it to “living” audiences … so, feeling discouraged he quit like a baby.
Over 2 years and a few computers later, he built up his courage again to a level that would permit him to perform live at his brother’s birthday rave.
He thought that … just maybe the world’s musical tastes had caught up to his wizardry after such a long hiatus. Now, even cockier than before, he assaulted the crowd with noisey Drum and Bass and destroyed a Britney Spears track, to everyone’s horror. The blissful rush that overcame him during this experience, he feels, may have been the cement that has kept him so close to his music since that memorable evening.
Now 5 years later he has begun fusing Techno with experimental music, creating something now more dance friendly, yet still really strange and kind of disturbing.
His music has been released on Itiswhatitis, Subpop, and Plak, Traum, and Wagon Repair to much critical acclaim including being charted and played by dudely dudes such as: Dominik Eulberg, Laurent Garnier, and Mathew Jonson (his, like, brother…). Music is in this boy’s blood and will always be apart of his life. Incidentally … he’s also, on several occasions, cut himself in an overzealous fit of fancy, and gotten blood on his music and down deep in his electronic thingy’s …. so …. there might be something there too
- Longwalkshortdock (live) aka Dave King - Black Van RecordsNY, Vancouver
Longwalk performs dancable, DJ style Techno, Kick-Snare, Electro, Acid, House, Big Beat, Electronica music with laptop, synths, vocals, samplers, effects, electronic gizmos and drum machines. Party Time… upbeat and slammin! get your flail on…
Chris Lima + Aklimatize (live) -
Check it! Or forever suffer in silence with the knowledge that you miss your big chance to have this change your attitude forever! Honest … we almost missed our chance too … and look at how well its worked out !
Milos[h] (live) - Slovakia
Milos(h) has been playing music all over Eastern Europe since 2000. He runs a booking agency with his partner, that works to raise the profile of other Slovak and Czech artists. He has been resident of the Bratislava SubClub, where he has been organising Leporelo/MilkShake nights, with many respected international and domestic artists. This way they are able to ensure that they remain abreast of what is truly “now” in the world of music.
In 2004 Milosh released his first EP as Milos on !”@.*!% (label from bratislava) and since then he’s been producing and releasing his tracks on Tuningspork, Süd, Stadtgruen, Telegraph, Sologroove and Minlove, all the while, maintaining an active touring schedule of live performances.
This summer he’s travelled far indeed, to give the west coast a sample of the music that Milos has gathered in his travels.


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Hey there Andrew.
Yea it should be a wonderful time.
I think I'm going to head up friday morning.
Theresa's coming which should be lots of fun :)

Give me a call tomorrow after work and I can return your headphones.



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dj_soo said:
heading up friday morning and staying till monday - 3 year straight :)
what time are you and wood playing ?
I'll be sure to stop bye and say hello.


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^ I'm playing 7pm-10pm on friday at the chill stage and then 8pm 10pm on the liquid soul stage with Wood on Sunday night.


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dj_soo said:
^ I'm playing 7pm-10pm on friday at the chill stage and then 8pm 10pm on the liquid soul stage with Wood on Sunday night.
I'll stop bye friday night and say hello.
I'm on the liquid soul stage 4-5 PM saturday


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i'll be there!!!!!

kinda bummed Tipper wont be playing, but I guess the guy has really bad back problems, which makes just standing behind the decks a painful experience.


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i'll be there. Will be my 4th in a row...

Playing 5 - 7:30 Friday on the chill stage w/ Socool and then 9 - 11pm on the Whitebird stage on Saturday.