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Sounds in Motion

Bernnie Federko

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Good times! Did the after work industry hours thing straight from the office with some of the old school downtown crew, and it was excellent!
... day time drankz after work totally slayed me, so props to the SIM crew for their excellent festival, their excellent booking of mike and the double dick diamonds (et al), the patio was full and going off!''

here's to problemes d'amour! :)



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I had a lot of fun.

I spent the bulk of my time in the Blk Box for Pinch and Kode9.

Pinch weaved in and out of top drawer dubstep, techno and anything in between.

Kode9 was more eclectic, dropping Uk funky, dubstep, house, techno, older UK Garage with the big jungle basslines... and he owned the night with Lemon D's classic on Metalheadz from the mid-90s "This is Los Angeles".
A lot of DJs could stand to learn a thing or two from his set. He took risks, never settled into one style or tempo, and hit the audience with surprises. Well done to the promoters.

I will leave you with the highlight of the night:



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Great party indeed!

It was a treat to have one party going on through both upstairs and down.

Dan Bell played some things that were ok, some things that were wonderful (for me) and some that were a bit gallopey.

Downstairs smelled a bit boggy (sort of like my backyard!) probably as a result of the downpour this week.

Kode9 played a really interesting set, pretty well always entertaining.

Bravo to the Sound in Motion crew: well done!

PS. did anyone make it to Coronation park today?


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PS. did anyone make it to Coronation park today?

Yes it was fun, with some mellow moments that went well with being by the lake. I got there at the end of Stefny's set which was a favourite of many people that i spoke to.

Deepchord sort of put everyone to sleep since he's more of a 3am sound. Then Hodges woke the crowd up big time. This is when I found all the Tribers. Akufen started out a bit loopy but by the end started hammering out some goodies.

Audio Werner was ok but I was getting tired by this point. Near the end he battled some sound issues which I think everyone probably felt bad for seeing.

I think people drinking would have a few complaints about the setup, but my problem was it was really loud. Even with nice ear plugs I was concerned about the levels, and most people had no plugs at all. If this is becoming the new normal volume, people are going to have big hearing problems soon


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all my fun has been ruined by too much work lately, really glad to hear things for SIM went well!

the after party last night looked kinda dope too...anyone hit that up??
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great hall on friday was ok. unfortunately sound upstairs was a bit shit.... all highs and bass and no mids whatsoever .

Stayed for Dan bell then wondered around the BLK Box after but decided to save energy for saturday.

Arrived to coronation after 5 to avoid all the race noise. From there every dj/act just killed it IMO.

Stefny was fantastic.
Deepchord was too short !!!!!!! Dub Techno outside ? dancing without shoes ? hell ya.
Hodges was allright
Akufen on point
Audio Werner had insane fun level but sound issues crippled it a bit + i think volume got lower as he stepped in.

glych t.anomaly

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BLK Box friday night was good times, good people, the funktion one system was amazing for Spyne's set, Pinch was playing vinyl and there was issues with the sound check so he was playing at a reduced vol level.

Kode9 started off very techish, and then progressed to more dubby bass but the sound was still not entirely on point as it was during Spyne's set.

i also found out they capped the low hz frequency at 50hz due to noise complaints from people around the neighborhood.... k'hents.

missed coronation park on sat, but hit up cherry beach yesterday and caught the tail end of Hans Om, all the way to Robag and Mike Gibbs.

amazing afternoon to chill and enjoy the sun, water, people and vibe. first time i have enjoyed Cherry Beach in a couple of years.

Sound In Motion did an awesome job, hoping that this continues to improve in the coming years.
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Couldn't agree more about Cherry Beach on Sunday. Have only been a couple of times in the last few years, but twice this year already ... & both times have been really good. Very positive vibe & awesome to have the guest appearance from Sounds in Motion. Sidenote: LeeLee Mischi's set was just pure & simple FUN!

dig this

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Caught the last hour at Coronation park which looked really good. The folks that I talked to who were there for the better part of the day all had only good things to say.

Went to the Late & Deep afterparty w/ Mike Shannon, Twonz + others... Great music but incredibly hot - seriously the hottest I've ever been in all my years in a club. People's shirts (inluding my own) were drenched in sweat. It was pretty ridiculous, but it was a fun party.

Cheers to the whole SIM crew for pulling what seems to be a great little festival.



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Arrived to coronation after 5 to avoid all the race noise.

Yeah, I couldn't hear the Indy over all that damn music. ;)

We arrived early, opening DJ was playing around with some laidback beats; perfect for the time of day. Whoever was next segued into plodding, tech-house territory, which literally nearly put me to sleep on the grass. The Indy noise was starting to grate a bit by then and we had other obligations, so we booked well before things seemingly picked up.

For a free event, SIM certainly delievered - sound was decent while we were there, friendly staff (hi Heather!) and security, plenty of space to lounge around.


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Only did Coronation Park on Saturday & really enjoyed myself.

For a free party in a park on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, what more could you ask for?

Sound was excellent! Vibe was good. Some sketchbags but come on, it's a free party in a park, right?

Hodges once again demonstrated why he is if not the best, one of the top 2-3 DJ's in Toronto. Does this guy ever disappoint???


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Enjoyed Coronation Park quite a bit. Though the music in the afternoon wasn't really my thing, it was a very well run event. Easy entry/drinks, amazing sound (using a rig I'm sort of familiar with ;)), great crowd and ran into countless people I haven't seen in years. IMO when Hodges came on the party really started, then Akufen kept the dancefloor going off too - it's unfortunate Audio Werner had technical difficulties, cause it kinda ruined the vibe.

Overall it was really nice to see everyone appreciating the hard work of the SIM crew and so impressive for them put on such a great FREE event in a beautiful setting. The trees, grass and lake breeze were an oasis of cool on a blazing hot, sunny day.

And props to Sarah Lamb for taking care of the waste case at the speakers near the end of the night quickly and with grace.

Looking forward to next year!
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