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Soundfield Microphone anyone?


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was wandering if anyone has had any experience with this mic.

All I have to say is DAMN!!! we have had it in the studio for the last week...and wholly shit this thing is awesome. For the base model I think it runs close to 11g's canadian....but if you have the cash and enjoy on location recording.....DAMN!!!!

heres a link

it has 4 capsules that record into "b-format". After the fact, with the accompanying hardware you can change your mic to any polar pattern or binaural, M/s stereo, Blumlein recording techniques

you can turn the mic 360degrees and turn the head up and down [remember this is after the fact]. It even has a presence control which you can zoom in on a certain instrument [say if you were recording an orchestra]. Hands down, the most instrument micing technique I know of........

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