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sound...music..material breaking...((matthew herbert LIVE))


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what a great evening to indulge myself with three live sets in one evening-

June 1st really was a great evening to experience this..
it truly was a fala cerebrating the existence of music for those people who just love this music so much..

Well, I showed up at the kazzimere around 11: 30pm myself..

the venue: such a fancy place..it is a good bar to go and chill out and feel all beautiful and sexy..;) mature crowd kinda place...

there were live show set ups in this small and round dancing floor..and behind the main dj booth, there were those pipe organ pipes along the wall..so it really had this *roman-like* atmosphere in the space...

when i arrived there, a female dj was spinning some ambient/minimal techno...she had such a good record selections..i do not think she was mixing too much..but it was great way to start the evening..

and then Adam Marshall appeared on decks..he started spinning really fine minimal stuff..and soon enuff, this duos, Pan Con Queso and his partner started off playing some instruments on one of the live PA set up..

Queso started playing three of those bongo? drums..as he sung a little...and his partner was playing trumpet beside him...it was a live latin electro-tech-funk featuring vocals, and all these latin instruments...

i have never seen a show like this before!
and i had no clue that this DJing person on the DJ booth and these latin instrument performers on the other side could work on together to create something so united...the music produced from each end were different..and yet were uniting really well..and produced full of energy..

man..i do not really know how to describe this..but it truly was amazing music..i felt so peaceful..i felt soo happy that we have this music on this planet..in the middle of this fancy-roman like bar, i felt as if i was @om or something..*LOL*
the feelings i received from the performers and the music that i experience were absolutely peaceful..there definitely was this sense of freedom too.

and then i realized that @m was here to spin in the backroom of the bar.
so i went there to see how things go there :)
but all we discover is this not really good dj booth set up..no lightings on the turn tables..the mixer did not really even look as if they were ok and work..:/
so i was not so sure if @m could really spin in such environment..but he did :)

he spun really good funky tech records..kind of evil...tint of darkness..but full of funkness..:) it was really good to see @m spin there :) *hugs*
i personally enjoyed it..even though i had to walk around the place a lot to cool off myself from sweating like a bear ;)

and then matthew herbert and his crews showed up on the dance floor live PA set up.matthew was dressed in this purple slim sushi t-shirt that said *sushi gen* and was wearing jazzy suit pants and purple shoes to make him appear all dandy..and yet casual..and unique..i was like...ohhh..i so love this english young boy-like fashion..his fashion was on the same wavelength with his music..so it was really coo to see him like that :)

matthew started off using his cheeks to make some sound..and his set started..
he was using this equipment where he can just touch the screen..and with this equipment, you can make funky/weird/cosmic like sound depending on the way you touch it..how long..what movement you created on the screen...
and then this beautiful and pure human looking lady started singing...
as well as matthew's another crew..the piano (key board) player...

as this lady sung..matthew would create funny noises by hitting the microphone on his keyboard...and manipulating the gear to change the sound of it often..

it really was weird..and yet soo *make sense* kind of sound..i had a big grin on my face..

he then all of a sudden grab this cd..(vapolizer by lupine howl-i found a cover when i was dancing to rickY so i took that with me ;) )..at first he was hitting the cd agaist a microphone..and then started opening the sealing of the cd..and crack! broke the cover..and grabbed a cd..hit on the floor..making a lot of interesting noises...
he seemed to love the sound it makes when you hold the one end of plastic cd cover and bent it...*crack!!*

and soon enuff, he also played with some alcohol bins to create music..the bin had some water in it to create the echo as he hits the bin..
he was hitting bin against another bin..often breaking the bin as well... :)

as i describe this..it sound as if the sound of these breaking *materials* may appear to be rather *destructive* but it was not like that at all...matthew really made me feel like a kid again..it was just so playful..
simple sounds that we all hear in our daily life..

he then performed this abstract/indeustrial/ambient like song..himself alone..it was so much fun..i felt like jumping up in a cosmic space..

then the singer was testing her voice a little..matthew sampled her voice..and used that as a part of music..and started off produing some music..and the lady sung..as well as the piano man played his stuff..

it was such a wonderful show..
i truely appreciated their performance.
made me think a lot of things..about this music thingy..and what i really wanna do in my future..

in the end, matthew even sung himself to close curtain to their show.

*WOW* that was one best show ever-
very unique..and very entertaining..
and yet very GOOD music :)

and then..the nite was not ever yet..

Ric Y Martin Live was on from Germany with his crews, Ricardo Villalobos & Dandy Jack.

They performed some what do you say??
ambient/industrial like music..
rick y was also using his voice to add some elements of music in the set..

around this time, a lot of the people were gone..so i started dancing a lot :)

as you can see.,,
this evening had sooo much music-
not all the same but different and uniquely produced music-

oh how i love live performers so much.
they really are full of energy..for me ;)

ít was excellent evening.
i gained a lot!!!!! of inspiration throughout the nite..

i especially loved matthew..and the singer..and Pan Con Queso-
there were something about them...
make me think..hehe

yes..that was marvelous :)
i thank you soo much for the great evening-
happy birthday to you, q-
really nice meeting to a good dancer, dave :)
and was again..funky to see kf, susan and adam there :)




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sorry about all these grammer/spelling mistakes..i so need to reread it before i post..lol

nice meeting again with alex and catherine-
and also, wicked to speak with jennifer!

vic and tim- you guys should stop stalking me
hehe *hugs*
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I can't believe only one person put a review up for this.

I couldn't go i had to work. It sounded awesome.