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Sound in Motion Festival


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I just got my tickets; didn't make it last year unfortunately, but didn't want to miss this year, for two reasons:

I think it's really neat that these independent people have banded together to throw this AND the line-up at the double-whammy Great Hall and Blk Box looks great.

The Coronation Park daytime event on Saturday sounds pretty cool too, with pop-up food and everythang! (hopefully the weather will cooperate for that one)
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dig this

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will definitely go to Coronation Park, well, weather permitting. May end up at the Great Hall as well as long I as don't turn into a grumpy old grandma. Stellar lineups for sure.


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I'm posting the lineup below; I will forward you the fb invite:

Sound In Motion: Independent Festival of Electronic Music and Art presented by StudioFeed. Held in unique indoor and outdoor locations downtown Toronto, Canada (July 11-13, 2013).

Sound In Motion 2013 Artist Line Up

Kode9 - Hyperdub – UK,
DeepChord – Echospace/ Soma –Live - US,
Daniel Bell - Accelerate/ 7th City/Elevate/ Peacefrog – US,
Pinch - Tectonic, Cold Recordings UK,
Basic Soul Unit – Nonplus+/Still Music – CA,
Audio Werner – Hartchef/Perlon/Minibar – Live – DE,
Akufen - Musique Risquée/Perlon - CA,
Berk Offset–Musik Krause/9Volt-Musik/hushlamb-live –DE,
SlowPitch – iNSiDEaMiND/Phonosaurus Records – live – CA,
Mike Shannon - Cynosure/Force Inc/Plus 8/Wagon Repair - CA/DE
Michel Plamondon – CCCLTD.CA – live – CA,
Stefny Winter - Archipel/Siteholder/Goodnight Moon Recordings – live– CA,
Jason Hodges - Sampled Detroit/Apt Entertainment/Organised Music/Junction Style Music – CA,
Talal & Zoi - Hushlamb/dirtybird - CA,
Spyne - 40hz Soundsystem – CA,
Dick Diamonds - DeepNorth/Late and Deep - CA
Purrpelle - ArchiTextures - CA
Daoust - CA
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