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sound companies

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by Guest, Mar 31, 2002.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    sound campanies

    anyone have the names and numbers of some different companies?
  2. beaker

    beaker TRIBE Member

    i've gone through this guy kevin a few times. i can't remember the name of his company but he did sound at the TRIBE party. nice guy, very reasonable...

    (416) 505-7924
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

  4. Tyler

    Tyler TRIBE Member

    Apex Sound & Light - Themmy Papas 416-254-9171
    Westbury National - Joel Dubin 416-931-6301
    Audiodynamics - Cos 416-670-8382

    Here are the names and contact info for the sound & light companies we (LF/Destiny/Hulla) have used in the past. The above three have lots of experience dealing electronic music events.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    looks like we're going with cos.

    I called one company that I used for an event a couple of years ago, and they quoted me a ridiculus amount.

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