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SOUND CLASH 3... The Valentines Special - February 9th 2002


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i'd say this is going to be the party of the year...congrats on getting such a wikked lineup!
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dj velocity

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Finally the return of Dilinja!! Not to mention two of my favorite mcs. GQ and Navi both know when to hype up the crowd and when to let the music do the talking.
Bound to be an amazing event
Not to mention Czech being on the lineup as well. You've made the girlfriend very happy with that choice.
Nice to see there's still somebody throwing proper large scale events.

btw, I wonder if Funk is going to bring some strippers along


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Respects go out to the empire crew for once again pulling threw with a SICKASS party. Seems that empire's the only crew throwing real parties lately, keep it real. I hope there really is a drinking area this time though.


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My birthday on the 11th i think this will be a proper place to celebrate it. Hope there is a drinking area as well.
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