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Sound Clash 2 @ Digital

BROCKIE! BROCKIE! BROCKIE! he was my main reason for going to this party and boy did he impress. tunes!!! It was also my first time at digital since all the renovations, not a bad venue at all other than the heat. all in all i had a really good night.

tired....need sleep

big ups to empire and numb.


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brockie nearly made me shit and piss myself...damn....

definatly the best night in a while...i heard tella got to touch digital....


ecstasy riot

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WHAT???? How could you have left so early??

I danced until the very last song!!

Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!

This was the best party I have been to in a very very long time.
All the people were so into dancing, the vibes were crazy.
I wasn't too fond of the breaks room every time I had to go to the bathroom but that's ok because downstairs was crazy!! And was was upstairs when this unknown DJ came on and was spinning ragga! I found out it was his first booking, and he was really really good.

The Everfresh(i think?) and Mystical Influence back2back set was just crazy, they were playing fierce drum n bass with so much energ, holy shit!!

I am so glad I slept for 12 hours before this party so I could have so much energy.
I got there at 1:30am tho, because the lineup was so long, but who cares, I wasn't going to let that ruin the party.

Brockie was the best headliner the other ones were playing stuff that was a bit too tech for me. Although it was still so good.

I could go on forever about how this was the best party ever, but I'll stop.
And I saw a friend from elementary school that I hadn't seen for 6 years!! It was so exciting.

Anyone who missed this and is into jungle should be very upset, becuase this party is getting a 9.7/10 from me!


ecstasy riot

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Yes, Natalie showed me that pic she got. Awesome!! Awesome venue awesome people!

Big up to all the jungle Tribe board crew I saw



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Another Empire production, another party stayed at till the end.

I never get enough of what Empire throws at Toronto junglists.

The only complaint was the breaks room, a cross between eternally boring and dangerously sketchy, next time just make it an up and commers room like the first one.

I had an incredible time, Brockie and Digital both threw down thick rolling jungle.

Oh and I loved being at X-It for the first time in over a year. Digital is very nice looking and I was pleased that the venue was changed.

jordan <---ditched work
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Well another party in the books.

The night start off in the hell of a lineup filled with annoying ppl whom kept cutting in line and well it was too long of a wait to get in- i missed a couple of sets that i really wanted to see ie; Dan's *D-Monic*.

Inside well we all know it was burtally hot and stuffy- couldn't breathe in there! Then there was the ditry bathrroms- which made me not want to go to the bathroom when I really, really had to go.

Security did a good job and well I had no problems with them.

Water and drinks were over priced but hey what else is new! However there was NO BAR!

Now on to what really matters the music- WIKKID BREAKS!!! I didnt really spend much time downstairs- it was too crowed and hot, not to mention I had a lot of fun breakin' my butt off.

Marty threw down one of my fav sets in the longest time- you can always count on MARTY!!
and well all the breaks dj's were on point last night- I did enjoy myself. It was nice to get out to a real party.

All and all it was a good night filled with good music, firends and old friends whom I havent seen in the longest time!

No all that is lef to do is to go to bed!!!


Jai Jai

ecstasy riot

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Oh yeah, I am so glad the venue got changed. So much better then mysteriously ending at 5am Luxor party last time.
SO GOOD!!!! (ok i think im done)


Jazzy Jeff

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Ya it was pretty sweet...ok but i seriously had a problem with the lineup it took forever we waited like 2 hours till 2:00 and it started POURING...and they weren't really letting people in even though all of us out there were SOAKED...eventually they started letting people in quickly but that was after everyone got drenched. It was pretty entertaining though cause there was this one drunk guy outside who kept on trying to get in and he was stumbling all over the place and they kept on throwing him out and eventually security just put him in a cab and sent him home.

Once we got inside though (and $45 later) it was sweet the jungle room was so awesome definate positive vibe action going on. The breaks room I wasn't too into but I didn't really see much of it. Like seriously the music was so good I stayed till almost the very end...very good crazy energetic jungle. Wicked party.
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definatly the best night in a while...i heard tella got to touch digital....


yeah I heard the same thing! not only did she get to meet digital i think she also got to touch his record bag ;D


my only complaint on the night was shabba d, i can only take so much screaming and pointless jibberish coming out of one persons mouth. but then again im not a fan of mcs


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you're calling the breaks room sketchy when you're ditching work to party?

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by olde:
Another Empire production, another party stayed at till the end.

I never get enough of what Empire throws at Toronto junglists.

The only complaint was the breaks room, a cross between eternally boring and dangerously sketchy, next time just make it an up and commers room like the first one.

I had an incredible time, Brockie and Digital both threw down thick rolling jungle.

Oh and I loved being at X-It for the first time in over a year. Digital is very nice looking and I was pleased that the venue was changed.

jordan &lt;---ditched work
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so it looks like soundclash 2 was a success! i haven't been to an all ages party since syrous 7 year and last night reminded me why i stopped going to them. i still had a great time despite the occasional random sketchiness and ass grabbing from 16 year olds.

ruckus and diligence threw down a very energetic set to get the night going (i wasn't there to catch dripp's set so i can't comment). catchin' wreck, consisting of dj lush and mc l natural were up next and threw down a hard set full of new tunes and old. i heard shy fx's new tune, dj die's clear skyz (a personal fave), john b's up all night, die's new tune driver (as well as the one with the guitar riff, i'm not sure of it's name but it's full of that bristol yumminess). as always, lush's set was one of the sets of the night; flawless mixing and a wicked track selection. nice.

loxy came on afterwards and his set was a bit harder than what i'm usually into but it got me shaking my ass on a couple of occasions. techinically, his set was quite good but it's not something i'll be remembering for years to come.

brockie took the decks following loxy and his set started off really well, lost some energy and then picked it right back up again. i came to the party not expecting much from him but i was pleasantly surprised (especially towards the end of the set). he really seemed to be enjoying himself as well which is always a treat to see!

i unfortunately had to miss digital and everfresh's set (the two sets i was looking forward to the most) but i don't have the stamina i had in my 'younger years' so i called it a night around 3 something. it was nice seeing all the familiar faces i saw and congratulations to empire and numb for making the second soundclash a successful party!






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What to say about Soundclash?
I was kinda glad the venue got changed, so at least I wouldn't be in the middle of nowhere afterwards. However, Digital can get damn hot! I hate dripping sweat from the ceilings.
Loxy threw down a mediocre set, he can't really mix, which is problem.
Then the B-R-O-C-K-I-E came on and tore the place down. Crowd was pretty live, my only complaint from the sick set was that Shabba would call for a rewind every track! I honestly think they rewound at least 90% of his set. I even heard Shabba one time call for a rewind before the bassline had even fully dropped. Digital was alright, but Brockie definitely had the set of the night.
This was my first sober party in a while, as I lost any sense of drunkeness trying to find the place. Good times though, no complaints, and a very energetic crowd.


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Im kinda glad that the venue got changed because Digital is a much more comfortable place than luxor..just the freakin line was getting a little hectic when i got there around 11..but i still got in pretty good time to catch the end of lush's set.

Loxy-started up with Shabba..WHOA!..nothing but hard killer tunes that mashed up the place..this man can mix..as for Shabba, im pretty much speachless..he ripped it all night..i dunno how this dude can do this and it was pretty funny when i was waiting for a cab outside and Brockie and shabba were leaving and some dude was yelling at them in an english accent asking for records..then shabba yelled back "go buy some then!"..hehe

Brockie-very much respected and played a nice variety of tunes which people were going nuts for during his whole set..he killed it when he ended off with chopper.

Digital-nothing but BASS and more BASS!
thats all i gotta say about this man.

and happy birthday to caddy cad.

All and all a very wicked night from start to finish..oh and that fucking loud fog horn was too much..hehehe.


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overall i was very pleased with the event that empire/numb pulled off, alhtough the lines were slow and it was hotter then hell upstairs, the dj's were great, both the breaks and the jungle. my only complaint is wtf were the candy kids there(glo-sticks and all) of course sittin in the corners, all fucked up gettin light shows, and most seemed to look honestly about 12/13/14 years old. to them i say "if u only knew what u were gettin urself into".

all in all a sick event put on by Empire/Numb. I left a happr partier, which doesnt happen to much.

Jonny W
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ecstasy riot

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by rr:
you're calling the breaks room sketchy when you're ditching work to party?




In all fairness I tried to get someone to cover my shift for 3 weeks... and I quit the job anyways I'm just on my 2 weeks notice.



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i couldn't hear shit. shabba rhymed over everything. if brockie played great tunes, i never heard them. so i'll leave his set as a no comment. same with loxy. i didn't hear enough to be ale to tell for the shabba-d, one man show was in town. i think they should hire shabba to rhyme with cds; no point in hiring djs and him, seeing as you can only hear one.

BUT digital was wicked. or at least from what i heard. i heard the first little bit (half hour or so), and the tunes were wicked. plus l natural was pretty good at letting digital do his thing.

i checked out a bit of the breaks, and from what i heard it was terrible.

all in all, i had a good time running into people i know. and i enjoyed what i heard of digital. it's too bad i'm getting too old to stay out late. if i had stayed a little longer, i think that i would have had a much more positive post.

big ups to the empire cru for the party. i think it was basically just shabba d that ruined it for me. he does rhyme well, but he does it too loud and too much. it's just not for me i guess.


Penny Lane

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Ok, now where do I begin??
I have extremely mixed feelings about this party, so I suppose I should start with the good points and give credit where credit is due.
The music was just amazing. Brockie and Digital tore shit up, and had me dancing and bouncing non stop. I pretty much danced the entire night, not something that many parties get me doing much anymore. The venue change was nice, just as a change of scenery, nothing more.
The music, and my company, were the only things that kept this night from being a complete bust...for me.
Now for the stuff that made me slightly more than mad.
The venue was supposed to be Luxor. Now I know some people don't like Luxor all that much, mainly due to the fact that every party thrown there has been shut down early. But the promoters for Soundclash have known this has happened in the past, yet once again booked the venue for SC2. Where's the reasoning? Now I'm only peeved at this because Luxor has a liscenced area, and I enjoy a drink or two to keep me going through the night as I don't partake in other "party favours" that might help me stay awake during the night. Digital does not have a lisenced area.
Because I knew that there would not be a lisenced area, I decided to pre drink with my brother and his girlfriend so that maybe I'd be able to have a little bit more fun once we were inside. We were drinking in line, and the security running the line was cool about it and we were even joking around with them. Everything was good. After being in line for 1.5 hours we got in at about 11 pm, and were not even in for more than 45 minutes, when security started to harass my brother's girlfriend, saying that she was too drunk. They suggested that she go outside for some "fresh air", and she'd then be allowed back in. They never let her back in. Bull shit.
In my opinion Sounclash has let me down this time.
They promised us Luxor, they promised us fast moving lines, they promised us a 19+ area. Not one of those promises were followed through. If it weren't for the music, I'd would say that this party sucked ass, but then that's just my humble opinion.


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^^^ although this wasn't my favorite party (probably because of mcs, and i generally don't like "parties" anymore), but i think more credit is do to empire and numb than you're giving.

circumstances happened very close to the event that made the venue un-suitable. most other companies would have cancelled the party.

i was disappointed with the lack of drinking (as i don't touch drugs either), i liked luxor better, and i know the line up was brutal, but throwing large events in TO is tough and these guys are doing their best to keep things going.

so overall, the party was alright for me, but i'm going to keep my respect for the guys putting these parties on. i know what they are going through, and i had a small chat with one of the promoters that i know from empire, and the venue change was out of their hands.



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ok, i didnt go due to my own problems but it seems that this one was much better done. I feel from peoples reactions were much more kewl and that the promoters did a very good job. Props to soundclash
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props JaiJai,& thankyou I liked it too.
nice meeting you for the first time Ruckus
& thanks for booking me for this party NUMB crew.
I had a wicked time.. it was one juicy, hot party!!!!
I did have this one minor problem with the security
I respect these guys/gals... but they should be fair / honest right?
I walked up to be searched and while the guard was patting me down.
they found my budbuster....
nO biggy I thought. ....I have no pot on me .. all is good.
Im a dJ, not a drugdealer .. right??

but the guy passes it to his other buddy
who says "NO you're not going in with this"..
I said to him.. "give it back.. and I'll go leave it in my car."
but no, instead ... he tosses it in the garbage.
please keep in mind I've recently quit smoking cigarettes.. mmm'kay .
sO I then grab the garbage-can...
and start yelling at them to pick it out shaking the can
I couldn't believe I was acting this way, but whatever ..
I felt like just got robbed by the security.guards.
in the end one of the numb promoters said they'd hold on to it
and I could pick it up later.
problem solved and world order was restored once again...... unbelievable.

on the lighter side of music
the funky technicians were awesome.
imagine 3 guys scratching out beats & rhythms with 3 mixers
fast jungle like cutz.. & rhythms..
and some slow funky ones as well.
for 30 mins everyone was crowded up close around the dJ's ...

great sets guys.


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I'm glad that they changed the venue to Digital. I wasn't in the mood to mission my ass all the way to the luxor and figure out how I was getting back to Mississauga. This is my first time going to Digital and I really liked the venue. I always enjoy going to new venues. I felt like there was a more intimate vibe. The DJ's and MC's had a better feel of the crowd. Shabba D really impressed me. I always like seeing this man MC. HE don't seem annoying to me.

I've always wanted to see Brockie spin and I finally got the chance too! WOW! This man is truly one wicked ass DJ. I was impressed from the first track he dropped to the last track. I caught a bit of Loxy's set and I liked what I heard. Ruckus and Diligence threw down a wicked set! Diligence seems to keep impressing me more and more.

I went upstairs to see the Funky Technicianz for a bit but the feedback was really annoying me and my ears were hurting from it. But from what I saw they were pretty alright.

I was glad to see Marty spin again! His sets always seem to put a smile on my face =) I always enjoy watching him spin! GOOD JOB MARTY!

All in all Soundclash 2 was a great success. Mad respects to NUMB and EMPIRE. Keep up the good work!




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RESPECT to Empire and NUmB for such a hype night!!!

Venue change didn't really matter, line-up only took 30 mins. Nice!

Got in to see L Natural and LUSH catchin wreck and makin the crowd move. These 2 were tearin up the place.

LOXY just killed it. Shabba was rippin the mic too. A little overkill on the mic but Loxy came with nuthin but ruff beats and thats all that matters. MCs should ease up a bit, so we can appreciate the good djs and their mixing skills.

It was my first time seeing Brockie and i was very impressed. Good mixing, new, hard and baaaad tunes, BUT tooo many rewinds. This probably isn't a result of him pulling the tune back but cause of Shabba. I'm sorry but only Dubs, or really big new/old tunes should be allowed to have rewinds. It got kinda out of hand.

DIGITAL was the man of the night most def'.
Nuff Dubs. Sooooooo much BASS. Great set, at times it felt like he was beating with the bass.

I was way too tired to stay for Marcus and Mystical but i heard the first 3-4 tunes.

Can't wait til SoundClash 3!!!

Happy belated B-Day CADDY!!! always representin!!!



Lindsay Crew reppin in T dot!!!!


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Good venue, long lineup, bad security for me, good for everyone else cept marty hehe, went to first edition, enjoyed it, like second addition, most definitely going to third installment
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