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:: Soulful House :: Souled Out Sessions Vol 13 :: DeepSix ::


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DeepSix – Souled Out Sessions Vol. 13


Tortured Soul – Enjoy It Now (123 Extended Vocal Mix – Dim’s Re-edit) – Defected
Dwele – Because I Love You (Kings of Soul Vox Mix) – Promo
Solu Music ft. Kimblee – Fade (Grant Nelson Big Room Vocal Mix) – Hed Kandi
The Craftsmen – Wish (Juke Joints Wishing Well Remix) – Casa Del Soul
Fred Everything ft. Fourfeet – Soulmates (Original Mix) – OM
Reel People ft. Sharlene Hector – The Rain (Rasmus Faber Remix) – Defected / Papa
Quentin Harris ft. Carla Prather – No More Love (Ain’t Nuthin’ But A House Party Mix) – Jellybean Soul
Town & Country – Love Could Be (Town Mix) – Amentimusic
Groove Junkies ft. Solara – Just Groovin’ (GJ’s Classic Roots Mix) – OM
Master-H Unit ft. Yuanist Woods – No Ordinary Day (Main Vocal Mix) – Vega
The Sura Quintet pres. Manzo – D-Minor (Extended Main Session Mix) – Soulfuric Deep
Jully Black – Sweat of Your Brow (Hodges Ain’t Sweatin It Redid) – Aroma
Junior Palmer pres. Stephanie Cooke – A New Day (83 West Original Mix) – Home
Pharrell & Gwen Stefani – Can I Have It Like That? – White
DeepSix ft. Isis – Déjà Vu (God Must Be Olskool Mix) – CD-R
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Oh yeah, please check out the very last tune, done by a local MC, Isis, and myself.

Feedback for that tune in particular (and the whole mix) is really appreciated.

It *may* even get you a cookie!
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DeepSix ft. Isis – Déjà Vu (God Must Be Olskool Mix) – CD-R

very interesting...

Solid mix as usual, not as banging as Vol.12, but a great mix on a Sunday afternoon. ;)