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DeepSix – Souled Out Sessions Vol. 14


1. Justin Michael & Darwin Paul ft. Jackie Wilson – Turn It Up (Original Mix) – Delecto
2. Anane ft. Mr V – Let Me Love You – Soul Heaven
3. Copyright ft. Song Williamson (Ferrer & Syndenham Inc Vox Mix) – Defected
4. DJ Gregory – Work Me – Faya Combo
5. Jamie ft. Michael Watford – It’s Over (Original Club Mix) – Defected
6. Reel Soul ft. Daemon – Take Me To A Place (Fanatix Mix) – Ricanstruction
7. Souldoubt – Funk Dat – Bargrooves (interlude)
8. Tortured Soul – Might Do Something Wrong (Onuslade Lonely Mix) – R2
9. Inner Soul – Pressure – Deeply Rooted
10. Dark Mountain Group – Lose Control (Main Mix) – Buzzin’ Fly
11. Afromento – Congo Libre – Blockheadz
12. Mr. V ft. Miss Patty – Da Bump (SOLE Channel Mix) – Vega
13. Neo – Let Go (Blowineast Remix) – Blowineast
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Woot! Downloading now, really looking forward to this. We had a house party last night and we played a bunch of mixes, including Vol 13 which was a really big hit. Thanks for the mixes, bro, you're awesome.
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I LOOOOVE #13 - it's a great gym/commute/house party mix! Looking forward to #14.... but how can I get my hands on 1-12?????


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Ask and ye shall receive! PM me a mailing address and I'll send you a CD with them all on in MP3 format. I'd upload them all, but my bandwidth is pretty mauled on the regular.


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DeepSix, you ROCK! I've been digesting your mixes for a couple of weeks now and the deep soulful funky vocal goodness just does not STOP!! Thanks a million for the music dude... I think you might have actually made my SUMMER.