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Soul of Man Essential Mix


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Soul Of Man - Essential Mix 07/22/2007

# Soul Of Man - Trouble Feat Ragga Twins (Deepcut Rmx) (Finger Lickin’)
# Plump Djs - Listen To The Baddest (Finger Lickin’)
# JDS - Everybody Singin (CDR)
# Soul Of Man - Shake Em Down (Nick Thayer Remix) (Finger Lickin’)
# Nick Thayer & Micah - Scrambler (Passenger)
# Groove Armada - Get Down (Henrik B Remix) (Columbia)
# Koma & Bones - Multistory (Burrito)
# Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray (Mystery Remix) (CDR)
# Slybeats - Turn The Music Up (CDR)
# Hardy Hard & Lady Waks - Minimal (Menu)
# Mark Ronson & Lilly Allen - Oh My God (Chris Lake Remix) (Sony/BMG)
# Body Count & Roxxanne Shante - Unknown (CDR)
# Orpheos - Kiss These Chains (Santos Remix) (Diggetydope)
# Muse - Knights Of Cydonia (BOOTS Inc Remix) (CDR)
# Supermal Feat Luciana - Bigger Than Big (Micky Slim Remix) (Eye Industries)
# Alex Metric - What She Wants (Marine Parade)
# King Unique - 2 The Left (Stantons Remix) (Punks)
# Chris Lake - To The Point (Rising Music)
# Slyde - Get This Good (Finger Lickin’)
# Groove Diggerz - Wait A Minute (Will White Remix)
# Unknown - Together (CDR)
# Francois Dubois - I Try (Urbantorque)
# Alex Kid & Chloe - After Blaster (Mazi & Duriez Remix) (Kill Brique)
# Brancaccio & Aisher - Freak Around (Koma & Bones Mix) (Burrito)
# Plump DJs - System Addict (Finger Lickin’)

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