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Soul Obsession - Cookin' Records


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Fresh from Good Looking Organisation

With world beats and Nu-jazz sweeping the world, syncopated computer rhythms grooving next to live instruments and a fine array of funky beats cosying up to delicious fusion flavours, it's no wonder that Bukem can say that the "Soul..." series has been catering for over 3 years now.

Serving up the best in beats, from slow snare and bass jams, to jolly rhodes outing right through to laidback mid-tempo funk, Soul Obsession captures the dynamics of the nu-electronica and features an outstanding cast list. Make no mistakes about this one - file next to Compost, JCR, Libquity & Enjoy!

Also Available, Soul Obsession limited edition vinyl sampler:
A. Cadien: Uno Estra
B. Vincent: The Conjuror
C. Quintet Plays: ...scene 4
D. Nookie: Culture Shock

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