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Soul In Motion Promo Mix : Mr. Brown : Deep Mix

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by dj_mrbrown, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. dj_mrbrown

    dj_mrbrown TRIBE Member

    Ez guys, as you know, Soul In Motion will be hosting the Lenzman show in just over a week, and we have a few promo mixes sorted to get the atmosphere rolling.

    This first mix is a collection of some tunes that I’m really feeling atm and certainly a bit different for me.

    Hope you enjoy it!




    White Picket Fences : Kharm : New Blood
    Last Look : Noisia : Metalheadz
    Mimic : Spectrasoul : Mimic
    Time : Icicle : Cold Fear EP
    Javlin : Sabre & Alix Perez : A Wondering Journal
    A Wondering Journal : Rockwell Mix : A Wondering Journal
    First Dream Called Ocean : Helios : First Blood
    Garmoniya Mirov : Mr. Sizef : Future Sounds of Russia
    The Ice Dance : Lenzman : Warehouse Dayz EP
    Cooper’s Dream : Phobia & Jubie : Cooper’s Dream
    Jungle Music : Logistics : Hospital Records
    Z Grab : Enei : New Blood
    Crunchy : Break : Critical Records
    Untouchable : Atlantic Connection : Rise America EP
    Nice as Me : Mutt : Nu Directions
    Refusal : Calibre Remix : Integral
    Back in My Life : Random Movement : Driven AM Records
    Daydreaming : Netsky : Your Way
  2. dj_mrbrown

    dj_mrbrown TRIBE Member

  3. dj SPINZ

    dj SPINZ TRIBE Promoter

    Nice One!

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