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soul /Disco/ Re-edits/ Slo mo


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Recent Mix I did for UK's MEATtransMisison Radio

Kan Sano - Everybody loves the sunshine
William Devaughn - Be thankful.
Disco Double Dee - Straight up.
Nicholas - Talking about love.
KS French - Back to your love.
Kartell - Cost of love.
Wetty Bright- Slip Do it (Feels good Edit)
YSE Saint Laur’ant - Warm wind brewing
C Da Afro FF - Heaven Only knows
KS French- If I can fly
Millie Jackson - All the way lover
Al Kent - Open up your mind
Out of the basement - Take me with you
Dr Packer - I like sunshine
Em Vee - Broadway
Allen Disco Sugar - Records Keep Spinnin’
Diana Ross - My old piano (Edit unknown)
LTJ - You will know
Heion - Not Knowing
Tony T - The Feeling
Space Ranger- Clubstar Herbal Cake (The revenge Rubdown)
Tony T - Into the Disco
Vinny Villbass Ft Ost ) Lust for wrong (Finnebassen Remix)
Mic newman- Machine Love
Stavroz - The finishing
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room