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sorry...but i have a question to ask...


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A friend of the family has asked me to design a flyer for a new buisness venture. So i do. but when i print it out, it seems all pixilated and not very appealing. IS there something that i have done wrong? I created the file in paint shop pro 7. have the raw PSP file and also the jpeg version. When i view it on the computer it looks fine, but when i print it, it looks like shite! Can anybody help me here, as they want to get it to the printers today, but have been unable to resolve the problem.



ps, the printers that i have used are 3 different b/w hp laser printers and one colour hp laser printer....all with the same results.
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Subsonic Chronic

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Originally posted by g0nz0

ok thanks...now how do i do that????


It's probably somewhere in the file properties. You might also be able to change it if you go to save as.

It could also be your printer settings. Check the settings before you print and see if it makes a difference if you hike up DPI or if you can increase the quality otherwise.


Adam Duke

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what happened to my arch-nemesis, the evil m@?

you're losing your touch, man. Be careful or your 'Arch-Nemesis Licence' could be suspended....